Saturday, January 30, 2010

OOTD: The best skirt EVER.

I've been wanting this F21 lace skirt since I saw it in the store 2 weeks ago. I didn't get it at the time because I had a whole bunch of other things to pick up, but after a few weeks of sleeping on it, I realized I needed it in my life. What I didn't know, though, was how versatile it would really be.

Everyone needs this, especially if you're wanting to try the lace trend for Spring '10. I think this skirt would be flattering on a whole bunch of body types-- the only problem is the sizing. I sized up to a Medium so I could wear it lower (so it'd be a bit longer and more appropriate). But if you can make it work, then do it! Fo'realz.

First attempt: My Polyvore creation. The real reason I actually bought it was to go with my eShakti blazer, and it definitely hit the mark in my books.

Second attempt: Menswear inspired. This baby was begging me, just begging, to be contrasted with menswear-inspired looks. So I did this, and I quite like it!

Third attempt: The peeking slip. I realized this skirt could be a great solution to some of my shorter dresses that were making their way to the end of the line in my closet. Lo and Behold, this little lacey number spruced up an otherwise short and boring hot pink sweater dress. Yay!

Really, it's saving me money. It's allowing me to wear all those other items that go unworn. So it was practically free. Or less than free! (rationalization = awesome)Yep. A great purchase. And so pretty and cheap. SCORE.

Friday, January 29, 2010

OOTD: Snowscape tank, take 2

It was raining like mad yesterday. I mean, cats and dogs. I just hate rain, and today is supposed to bring more. BUT. I don't care. I'm dressing unseasonably (ugh) spring-like. I mean, I think the sun will come out later today, so I'm really just encouraging it. Or thinking wishfully. Whatevs.

I love my Corey Lynn Calter Snowscape tank (via Anthro) and totally wanted to try it out with some more color. This F21 drapey sweater does just the trick. Nice!
Top: CLC Snowscape Tank (as dubbed by Anthro, but you can still get it here)
Sweater: F21 (this one is cute and kinda similar)
Belt: Express
Jeans: AE Super Skinnies
Bracelet: A.V. Max via Nordstrom forever ago.
Shoes: Linea Paolo Snakeskin T-Strap Sandals

(And, as per usual, I must now obsess over the HORRID lighting and poor photography skillz. And differing settings to try out lighting, none of which were good enough. So SORRY. eeesh.)

In other news, my sister in law will be in town this weekend, which is very exciting! This also means I have Monday off and get to play instead of work. I can't wait for my long weekend to begin soon... just have to get through this day... And I'll be posting more OOTDs soon! Yay for finding some time and having a serious addiction to blogging and my awesome followers. :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Woah, 70% off everything?! and the addition of a rant.

Don't know if you've heard, but Chick Downtown, an online designer boutique, is hosting 70% OFF THEIR ENTIRE STORE. I have a feeling they're going out of business, since it's been months since a new arrival on the site. Anyway. Just a quickie there, and definitely take advantage!!

**QUICK EDIT** Just wanted to let you know after a little research, Yes, CDT is going out of business because of severe debt and very poor CS. So buy with caution if you're going to, and use a credit card so your money will get refunded in the case of some drama. Apparently, there has been a lot of drama, but it might be worth it if you get some designer jeans for 70% off!

**EDIT, AGAIN.** OK. so I've been doing some more research and this story is kinda crazy! Seems as though the owner, Amy Reed, financed this company from her own money and loans, which she was really never able to pay back. I hate to be a bitch right now, and since I'm no business owner and have no experience with this, I may not be qualified to talk here. BUT. It really sounds like Amy, who apparently has a rich husband, needed a hobby and didn't know the first thing about starting a company, causing it to default and her to leave a whole lot of very unsatisfied customers (and, I can imagine, employees). It really makes me angry to see the millions of customers on her facebook wall writing about how they never got their money back on a return, never received their item, etc, all the while she is writing on her blog about fashion trends. WTH? Why are you vacationing in Miami with your MIA nanny when you're a million buckaroos in debt? To me, it says irresponsible and totally without regard for others. The respectable thing to do would be make sacrifies to get yourself out of your debt, keep a low profile, and then when things are looking up, try it again (with lessons learned). Instead, she's blogging about her Nili Lotan trench coat, her hotel giveaway (where is that money coming from?!), and her picks from the Oscars. Dude.

To sum: prolly shouldn't buy anything. Questionable if you'll get your order. Also, I've heard complaints of items not being authentic or misrepresented. Yikes.

OK. I'm off my soap box. Sorry.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ya'll, it's keeeeellling me to not post on here more than daily. I've had quite a busy and productive day, but I've just gotta post a little style inspiration. At the end of the day (literally and metaphorically), fashion is my oasis. I look to it for comfort and for excitement.

So speaking of, does anyone watch Launch My Line?! Oh god, I want that red/zebra outfit, not that I could wear something that skimpy, but whatevs...

I'll be back very soon with an OOTD, because I'm feelin' like I need a little photo shoot/dress up session. And just for fun, here's a recent polyvore of mine that I plan on recreating very, very soon...
winter idea 8

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day covered!

I don't think I've ever wanted to buy every single item from an outfit I've seen styled on a website, but I am seriously thinking about getting this EXACT OUTFIT for Valentine's day this year..... SERIOUSLY GORGEOUS. And please don't yell at me that it's neutral because it's ivory. And I excluded ivory. Ha!

Ehm. Obvi the new arrivals banner for Ruche. LOVE.

In other news, I'm apologizing before hand if my posts start becoming a bit more sporadic:

1. It's getting colder again here in good ole' Tejas, so indoor OOTD pictures will be needed again. Which inevitably means I may not be taking as many, since I hate the way lighting turns out in my relatively dim apartment.

2. I have some good news for my professional development: I've gotten my first (of hopefully many) interviews for doctoral programs in psych!! Yay! But that means I'm going to be rather busy. Boo. So my usual 1-2 posts per day may turn into 1 per day, maybe even a day or two skipped during the week. Let's hope that doesn't happen, but I just like forewarning you so I don't go all MIA and my readers are all, "Whaaa?" and then people get mad and stop checking and I lose followers and then I FAIL AS A HUMAN BEING. Ok. I'm totally being dramatic, but you get it, right?

Moral of the story, stay put. In the immortal words of one of our U.S. state governors, I'LL BE BACK (to very frequent and obsessive fashion blogging in no time). Thanks.  :)

Fun Find: The 2 Bandits

I love finding new things on the internet, and so when I came across this (via DailyCandy), I had to share with my lovies. The 2 Bandits is a company that sells boot bands to spice up your plain-jane bootehs! What a great way to take last season's boots and make 'em exciting again! Or even this season's and just add a little extra oomph. You just slip em on over the boot, pull them up to the desired height and then adjust them so they stay put. Et voila, a fun accessory for your feet. Go check out the site, but for now, here are my picks:

How fah-reekin cute are those, right?!

Monday, January 25, 2010

OOTD: the cure for the common block

I'm having a blogger's block today. I just can't decide what to post on... that's why you get to see what I wore to work today. Yay! No thought required. :)

Blazer: eShakti custom tailored jacket
Top: F21 teal ruffle front tank
Skirt: F21 leopard print pencil skirt
Shoes: Steve Madden Tristanos
Necklace: F21 teardrop necklace (the Anthro copycat)
Purse: Coach circa 2007?

Don't usually do the purse-thing in the photos (mostly because I am a strange girl and really don't have a "purse thing"), but I figured it's the pop of color I need to add to these OOTD posts, and hell, I never have anything to do with my hands except for placing them upon my hips like I (and everyone else) always seem to do. Oh, wait, still some arm-to-hip placement in the last one. Oh well. :)

Also, I've put most of my items from the blog sale up on eBay. Didn't seem to get the interest I hoped for, so I suppose it's the tried-and-true method for me from now on. Just in case your interested, my seller name is justinelise. Check it out if you're so inclined!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

OOTD: Feelin' the color

I finally did it! I created an outfit with color! Woah.


Blazer: BCBG Max Azria puffed sleeve blazer
Shirt: F21 purple ruffle tank
Skirt: F21 Floral skirt (Twist line)
Shoes: Nine West covered platform pumps
Necklace: I have no idea.
Belt: Steve Madden

A few less pictures today, lovies. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but it was so bright taking these pictures that all of my faces came out squinty. I love me some sunshine, but I have to say, the best pictures turn out when it's overcast. It's the curse of blue eyes... too sensitive to sun. Sigh. :)

This outfit is pretty different than what I've been doing lately-- it's much more tailored and feminine (and, GASP, has color!). That's what I love about fashion-- tweak this top here with that skirt there, and BAM, a whole different persona. I could easily wear this to work and then grab a drink afterward. Another good day-to-night ensemble.

Also, thanks for all the opinions on the Shopbop wishlist! Still not sure what I'm going to do (seems like most of you loved that Rory Beca dress!), which means I may not be diggin' any of them enough. We shall see.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

OOTD: Cut-off madness

I've really been toying with the idea of pairing denim shorts with a sweater and tights to make them winter-appropriate. I've just not had the guts to do so, until today. Hope I can pull this off ('cuz if I don't, oh well. TOO LATE.)

 Blazer: Pencey via Shopbop
Sweater: Express cable knit sweater
Shorts: F21 distressed denim shorts (similar here)
Tights: Juicy Couture
Necklace: Express mixed metal chain necklace
Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden Grinnd booties (on ebay! can't believe I found these)

The best part about this outfit? I've realized that this blazer does so much better when worked into an edgier outfit. That way, the out-of-control fringe just looks "I don't care cool" instead of "I'm a disheveled mess poop".

Another great part: I have never worn these shorts. They're F21 from last year when I was itching for some Current/Elliott insanely-awesome suspender shorts... that I think I'm still wanting for this year. These, I thought, were my answer, but turns out they weren't. No good reason, either. Just wasn't getting that "feeling," ya know? Anyway, they work here, and I'm just happy I'm able to put them to use now.

You know. That is if this doesn't make me look homeless.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Zac Posen for Target MUST HAVES

It's that time again to get excited about another for-Target designer-- Zac Posen (side note: not too thrilled about JPG's line, so I'm not really counting down to it; also, looks like Tucker is up for the summer!). I can't wait for the flowy looks and the bright colors that permeate the line. The prices seem pretty reasonable as well, so I can't complain here. It's due in late April. I'll be saving my pennies fo'sho. Here are my picks/must-haves!

(p.s. Personally, I am totally loving the T-Strap/hot pink sock action!)

My Wishlist... help?

I don't normally do this, but I just have to give a shoutout to the Voguette today for her outfit-- I am SERIOUSLY in love with that look and want to replicate it so badly. That's some neutral for Spring that I can live with! Too bad Dallas is sans-H&M. I know, right?! Crazy.

Thought I'd post a few pics of my wishlist from Shopbop... and ask for a little advice. Which one(s) do you like best? Help me decide, please! (oh and please take note of the pretty spring colors. No plain black, heavy, weighty fabrics here!)

Dolce Vita Manny Open Toe Suede Pumps

Ella Moss Boa Ruffle Dress

Rory Beca Doris Fold Dress

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Shift Dress

Juicy Couture Stripe U Neck Raglan Sleeve Top

Sass and Bide Join the Dots Tunic

Laura Merkin Diana Galaxy Clutch

I have two or three faves (ahem, RORY BECA. TWELFTH STREET.) but I'm interested to hear what my fashionable readers think. Sooo?! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The F21 Bow Belt: answered!

So many of you have asked about the fit of my F21 bow belt, which was featured here today, and also here. (And you'll see a lot more of it, too!)

Here's the scoop: The S/M measures 31 inches long. The prong to closest hole is 26 inches, and the farthest away hole is about 30 inches (each 1 inch apart). Soooo the S/M fits a wide variety of sizes, and fits me perfectly around the 2nd hole. For reference, I'm about a size 27 inch waist. Overall review: I love this thing and it fits wonderfully. But would not work on my low waist/hip. This is definitely a waist-er.

So all of you wanting to buy it SHOULD. DO IT. BUY IT. :)

(I'm totally getting the red one, too. I just love it. And everyone needs a red belt, right?)

Maybe neutrals are the cat's meow?

Yes, I forewarned you-- this post features:

A) My winter color pallate (aka beige and black). (But I'm not kidding about that color thing, I promise.)
B) Leopard. Sorry!

OK. This outfit could literally be my uniform. You know, the go-to outfit that just makes you happy (especially after a crappy previous day) and makes you feel comfortable even though you're wearing, oh, 4 1/2 inch heels (that the husband hates) (and you're all, IT'S FOR FASHION) (and he's all, BUT YOU'RE MY HEIGHT AND I DON'T LIKE IT.)

Whatevs. :)

And a little about the tunic: I spotted this thing, like, ages ago on the site and totally stalked it. Every time I'd see it, I'd think, "Shaaa.... you don't need that. Look! It's totally tacky! It's leopard print with a clown collar! Shaaa!"

And then I saw it for the millionth time at the store. And was in a buying mood. And figured, why the hell not? Maybe I am a little tacky... so what? IT'S MINE.

Here is the end result (which is super cheap because it's comprised of almost ALL F21 items!) :


(Oh good lord, that belt is crooked. Why can't Photoshop fix that?!)
Dress: F21 Leopard ruffle neck tunic
Belt: F21 Bow belt
Jacket: F21 Boyfriend jacket
Tights: Nordstrom Hue
Shoes: Michael Kors two-tone metallic heels
Earrings: F21? Francesca's? Beats me.

Also, I'm pretty excited: I just received a few look-books of some reeeeeally cool, new designers. Think edgy, sexy and femme all rolled up into one. I can't wait to share them with you soon!