Saturday, January 2, 2010

One romper, three ways

This past summer, I was on a quest to find "the perfect romper." Although there were many contenders, the budget never seemed to work with my desires. Ain't it always the case? So I spent the entire summer romper-less. But... this October, I found "the one." It was Anthropologie's SINE romper, can't remember the actual name they gave it. It satisfies my criteria: 1) it's not jersey. I wanted something dressier, or else I'm afraid I might start looking like I'm wearing some sort of sleeping outfit. 2) It has a defined waist. 3) It's generally neutral. 4) I don't look like Amelia Earhart. It's just so darn perfect (and has pockets! Eeeepp!) I had to finally post some pics with it. Believe it or not, there are endless possibilities styling this pretty. I'm having a hard time deciding how I want to wear it today! I'd love your opinions... which way do you like it best?

Way 1: Boyfriend Blazer

Romper: SINE black silk romper (similar here)
Blazer: F21 Stripe Trim Blazer
Tights: Anthro's geometric patterned tights in Plum (similar here)
Shoes: GoJane booties
Necklace: F21's Anthro lookalike (here's Anthro's take)

Way 2: Color Splash

Romper: see above
Sweater: NY&Co Antique Button Ruffle Cardigan
Tights: see above
Shoes: see above
Necklace: see above
Belt: random cheapie
(This one isn't much different, huh? Just a bit more color, maybe a little less edgy...)

Way 3: Shimmer and Sparkle

Romper: see above
Sweater: F21 Sequin Bow Cardigan
Necklace: ModCloth
Tights: Sock Dreams leg warmers (similar here)
Shoes: Madden Girl zebra pumps

(Note: I apologize about the color differences in the photos... I'm still trying to find the right combo for Photoshop... I am so not tech savvy enough.)

I'm personally leaning towards one over the others, but I'm curious to hear what you think.... Hmmm??


  1. I actually like the very first pic, w/o the blazer the absolute best. But for practicality and warmth (!) i think I like the look #3 with the sequin bow cardigan. they all actually look really good. That romper has a more mature feel/look to it-not so kid-like. Very cute!

  2. I have the F21 necklace!! Love it, and wore it a few days ago (check it out at Now on to the romper- I give you major props for trying out the trend b/c I strayed afar, but glad you gave it a whirl b/c it looks great on you and not sloppy at all (which is why I fear it). I love the way you paired it with the blazer, but I'm generally a fan of blazers.


  3. I love look 3 Shimmer and sparkle!


  5. Number 3 shimmer and sparkle!
    Love the romper - they look comfy, and I think they are a sexy look too...

    Justine - make sure you enter our JCrew necklace giveaway!!!!

    Oh, and I loved your New Year's dress btw!

  6. #3 has my vote :). There's just something about the shoes and the cardigan :).

  7. I really think I like #1 Blazer the best! I love blazers so much - always make me feel a "Annie Hall" chic in menswear kinda vibe.

  8. YOUR SISTER...bernadette :)January 2, 2010 at 7:11 PM

    thankkkkk you for this because i dont know how to wear it! haha although i did once anddd i like the neclace! i got it for youuu hehe and dont worry the picture of my sweater will be coming soon

  9. haha... You're welcome, sistah. Yes, send me the pic soon! please! :)

  10. “Ooh I'm so digging option #3 (love the shoes), although the other two are adorable! I've been wanting a romper since this summer, and now I'm definitely on the lookout for one after this post (hopefully I'll find one as cute as yours!).

  11. I like the necklace w/the romper, solo. I like the boyfriend blazer w/the romper, no necklace. I like the cardi/belt/romper, no necklace. You could also wear the cardi over the romper, no belt and maybe a different necklace. I just think there are a lot of trends happening & I'm not sure where to put my eye. Tights, belt, necklace...they all want attention. I also like the final look as is.


  12. haha, thanks, Gigi!! I love honesty. I understand what you mean, which is why I think I ultimately went with the last look. But I have a tendency to put more than less... I've just never been a "less is more" kind of gal. I love piling it on. :) Maybe a less statement-ey kind of necklace on the first two woulda been better... I'll definitely be trying more of these in my closet. :)

  13. umm omg love it!! great styling!!

  14. I have the same necklace in your first look that I wore on Christmas!

  15. My fave is look 3 with the shimmer!

  16. I like without any blazer or sweater best. The necklace is great with it. However, unless TX decides to be TX, you will need a little warmth. I vote for sweater over blazer but they are both gorgeous :)

  17. I take that back...blazer... and look 3

  18. You convinced me! I just placed a bid on this romper - someone is selling an identifical one on eBay and your descriptions/photos convinced me I MUST OWN this item. I would like to see a no tights, nude heel option for summer. What do you think?