Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This or That? (Wishlist...)

Morning, lovies! Good news is I'm starting to feel like myself again! Which means I think it's almost time to try out the new blog nook and post an outfit picture. In our master bedroom, there's a little sitting space that husband said I could use and decorate however I want... it's only about 5x9, but it's perfect for taking my photos. I plan on getting some pillows and fun wall decals, so ya'll will see the transformation over time. Anyway, I have some important business to take care of.

(Correction: this is not at all important, sort of like the fodder of this entire blog. BUT, it is supah-fun. Heh.)

Which do I get? (Please keep in mind that NEITHER of these items are necessary or even all that useful. They are fun and unpractical, so keep that in mind when stating your opinion. And no, I don't want to spend my money on something I'll wear everyday, because where's the fun in that?)


or That:

(Pelle Moda Finet cage sandal, in Aloe)

I've been obsessed with that jacket since it came out months ago. Pros: will go between seasons and can be worn as either a jacket or a shirt (when belted up). It also has a vintage flare to it, plus all I would need is a tank and a pair of jeans and there's a fun outfit! Con: it's a lot of animal.

The shoes have also been on my wishlist since I first saw them months ago. Pros: that color. Look at that color. Sigh. But, they're season specific (not fall or winter appropriate!). And I've been finding myself wearing heels less and less (although I've been wearing them a ton in my blog photos).

So... help?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review: J Brand Lovestory jeans

Hello, bloggie world! I'm back for just a moment to post a quick review on the jeans I received in the mail yesterday. Since I don't want my new followers (HI!) to think I never post (which isn't true, right long-timers?), and since I couldn't actually find a proper review of this style anywhere online, I thought this would be a nice little extra-post. I don't have IRL photos because 1) I don't have anywhere to take them yet and 2) they really need serious hemming... but here's a product photo of the color and style, for reference:

(J Brand Lovestory jeans in Falcon wash, sold out)

First, I really like the wash on this! It has a bit of a retro-vibe, which is cool since these are pretty much bell bottoms. The fading is minimal, which I prefer for every-day use jeans. The fabric is a nice weight-- not too light but also not heavy like J Brand's Ink wash (which I had to sell because they were WAY too stiff). It's also pretty stretchy, and time will tell how that fares after a few wears.

Next, the fit: For reference, I took a size 27. Although the Lovestory is a low rise, these seem more high-rise than most of my other jeans. They are supposed to be 8 inches (standard) but feel more like 8.5. I think I'm going to have my tailor take these down just a tad. I found the waist to be just a teense big, but the size down would have been too small for sure. Because of the slightly large waist, there is a little gaping in the back, but not too bad. Again, tailor can take care of. The thigh is SUPER fitted, which I love, because it adds more drama to see the exaggerated flare. The hem is very wide and I just love them. Overall, very satisfied!

I do have to say, I'm a little shocked I took a 27. Granted, I've gained a few lbs recently (damn mid-20s! Taking away that flat stomach I used to have!), so maybe this is my new size, but what gets me is I can usually fit into a size 0. You'd think that means I should be a size 25 or 26, but there's no way in hell these would have fit in either size. This could be a word to the sizing of this style-- ladies who own these: is this the case? Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with them, and with a few little nips and tucks, I'll be wearing them in no time. Also, this was a Gilt purchase, so I'm SO SO SO glad they worked (didn't feel like dealing with the store credit thing).

Hope you're having a nice Tuesday! Please continue to bare with the sporadic posting.  :)

(Is it just me, or do boxes seem to multiply like rabits? I think I need teach them some box-abstinence.)

Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm Alive! Sorta.

Morning, bloggies! Just checking in to let you know that I'm alive, although barely. :) I might be posting sporadically this week, given that I don't have a computer set up yet and no internet until later today, but you can check me out on Twitter where I'll be updating and trying to get bathroom photos of outfits. I can't wait to get back to my regular schedule AND show ya'll some of the improvements to the house. Until then... wish me luck swimming through piles of boxes.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A letter to Santa Claus.

Dear Mr. Claus

Dear Bringer-of-goodies

Dear Santa:

Hi. This is Justine. I actually haven't believed in you since I was in the third grade and this snotty little blonde girl told me her brother told her you weren't real. When I asked my mom she backtracked a lot, so I knew Miss Snotty McGee was correct. Anyway, point is I need a little faith right now. Because there's all this stuff I want, and the funds are limited. So I hope you're out there.

(Yes, I know it's June. I also know you're probably relaxing before the big season, which begins around October because we capitalists like milking every last cent out of anything that once had meaning, but I thought you might have just a little time for me.)

I'll even make it simple! Just one store! You can send your elves over. Just make sure they bring the sleigh, because what follows is a long list....

1. All three of these jackets. Please ignore that they are basically the same thing, because I love each of them dearly. And yes, it's a need, not a want. Sheesh.

2. This dress. Because it is so me.

3. This sleep-set. Because it is too freekin' cute for words.

4. This necklace. Because it's zebra AND huge flowers. 'Nuff said.

5. These two tanks. Because they're cute, and I like cute things, especially when they have huge flowers or bows on 'em.

6. Last but not least, this adorable embellished sweater. To remind you of your colder whereabouts.

I thank you for your generosity ahead of time.

Sincerely, Justine.

(P.S. All items shown are Anthropologie, obvi. What's on your Anthro wishlist??)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Outfit: from the archives, part 2.

Given the current state of affairs at Fetching Fashions Central, there are no cute outfits to be had. Nor are there places to blog. Nor is there motivation (sorry). But... there are archives. So here we go.

Top: UO silk shirt
Skirt: F21 lace skirt
Belt: Anthropologie Tea Rose belt
Shoes: Liliana bow pumps
Necklace: Express, old old.

When I got my IRO shorts in the mail last week, I decided to take some pictures wearing them different ways and suddenly got inspired to create this outfit instead. Some of the pics I take don't end up going on the blog, mostly because since creating this thing, I've seen how really, really useful photographing outfits can be, blog or no blog. This was one of those things... it was a bit of an experiment and mostly just curiosity, since I haven't worn this belt in a while AND I don't tend to like wearing shirts un-tucked. This shirt has to go un-tucked most of the time because it's a little too short for me (curse long torsos!).  Anyway, I like the way it turned out, and figure it's good fodder for this week, since I need to remember what it looks like when I clean up. HA. :)

Also, I'll throw this one in there because I really like it... how I originally envisioned this shirt to be styled that day, with the IRO shorts (I had to tie the drawstring tight so the shirt wouldn't come un-tucked!):

Top: UO silk shirt
Shorts: IRO Mya shorts
Shoes: Elizabeth and James Mason pumps
Necklace: Nordstrom

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do ya dig the doo?

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Like I said yesterday, I got my hair-did on Saturday. I really hate going to the Aveda salon because it takes forEVER to get my hair done. At least 4 hours worth of bordem. Ugh. But, the price and results mostly make up for it. Although it's nothing compared to my old stylist's abilities (Ryan! I miss you! Please do pro-bono work, thanks.), it will have to do for now.

Top: Robbi + Nikki silk ruffled shoulder tank
Jeans: Hudson Signature bootcuts
Necklace: Nordstrom
Shoes: Elizabeth and James Mason pumps

There's no doubt about it: I'm a blonde. I think what has me hesitating a little is how bright it is near my face. Granted, I did ask for face-framing highlights, but I feel a little like someone may accidentally mistake me for Eminem. You know... if he had longer hair... and boobs. And was a girl. Whatever. One thing is for sure: I fit right in with the Dallas gals! Holla!! :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Move move move move....

Quick edit!:

Thank you to Linda of Little Tin Soldier, who, as I've mentioned drew my cute paperdoll and created my new header. She threw me a little shout-out this week... go check her out if you haven't already, because her drawings are to-die-for cute, not to mention her personal style!

1. As you know, were in the midst of moving! This means few OOTD posts this week (unless I can get some archived photos) because there are boxes in the way of all my picture-taking spots. Plus, given that I'm covered in sweat most of my free time, the pics wouldn't be pretty anyway. I do have a picture I took from yesterday to post, which brings me to...

2. I got my hair-did this weekend! And it's blonde. Seriously, blonde. I'll post a quick OOTD post tomorrow to show ya'll! I'm still trying to warm to it, but I think I mostly like it. :)

3. Enjoy your Monday! (I have a slightly shortened week because I'm taking Friday off to put the finishing touches on the move, so I hope it goes quickly.)

Friday, June 18, 2010

OOTD: IRO white shorts

I'm really coming up short (ha! SHORT.) in the clever-titles-arena these days, so my apologies that the title is quite literal today. Boring, snooze. But I think the outfit will make up for my banal title skillz.

I think I successfully styled the Geren Ford tank without jeans or the color blush! *pats self on back*

(Jammin'. To the voices in my head. HA.)

Top: Geren Ford tiger ikat top
Shorts: IRO Mya shorts (here, in charcoal!)
Sweater: Nordstrom BP cardi ("powder" not online)
Necklace: F21
Shoes: BCBG Max Azria reptile slides

Like I said before, I really love these shorts. I just love the look of them! Relaxed fit, but made of a very nice silk (I think half my closet is now silk, eeesshh) which adds a little "chic." They're rather fitted in the back, too, so no ass-sag. Love it. The fold-over style is really a fun detail... despite the fact that it takes longer to put them on than most shorts (zippers, buttons AND drawstrings), but I can live with a little high-maintenance. Oh, and although the camera doesn't capture it well, I seriously bought that BP sweater just for this top, because I love the pop of blue in the tank and realized it goes perfectly to bring it out. Sweet!

(Exclamation points!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

OOTD: All tuckered out...

It's quite the task to pack, lovies! I'm just tuckered out thinking about all that has to be done and has been done. I mean, it's so hard watching husband pack up all the boxes. It's really tough to see him having to take all those things down to our cars in this Texas heat. It's super tiring looking at all those books and knick-knacks get wrapped up and put away.

Ha. Just kidding. (sorta, ahem.)

So, to take a break from all the strenuous watching packing, I got tuckered out in the best possible way... say hello to my little (new) friend...

Top: Tucker "Washed out Watercolor" blouse
Jeans: AE super skinnies
Shoes: CV for Target wedges
Belt: Express skinny belt
Necklace: Francesca's Boutique

Oh god how I love this thing. I think I might say that too much on here, but fo'realz. I do. The shape of it is so fantastic-- true, there is no "shape" to speak of, but it just drapes perfectly. Maybe that's really the credit of the pretty fabric, but I just love the relaxed but still somehow tailored aura it gives off. A nice little buy, if I do say so me'self.
You may notice a void in my photos. That would be my tacky Van Gogh picture. It's getting packed (see above discussion).  :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thanks! and some obsessions.

Firstly, thank you for the blog-sale interest yesterday! I really underestimate the power of the Anthropologie bloggie collective, because within about .2 nanoseconds of posting, the Moulinette Soeurs dress sold! There are still a few items for sale which I'll be taking to the consignment store soon, so pounce on 'em if you are interested!

There is sorta a reason I did this impromptu sale. 1) I'm moving soon (duh) and really, really don't need to be taking items I know I don't wear enough to justify a spot in my closet. 2) I want something. I really want something. Here it is.

(Tucker's "Washed out Watercolor" blouse, from their resort '09 collection. Doesn't she look so freekin' happy? As in, if I own and wear this top I'll be as happy as her and I'll just be carefree and I'll have pretty, healthy naturally auburn hair and porcelain skin and OHMIGOD I'll just stop now.)

(Ohh! And if you're not yet privy to this knowledge, Tucker is collaborating with Target for a future Go Line, due out September 10th! Get excited.)

No, but seriously. I spotted this on sale at Barneys the other day and had to have it, despite the fact that it's over my budget for the month. Solution? Sell stuff to make room! and money! (more importantly the money part, natch.) So it's quite the win-win situation.

Also, just received these pretty little silky shorts in the mail from the ever-amazing Shopbop. I'll be sure to do an outfit with them soon, but for now the product shot must suffice. And yes yes yes, I know. Shorts-obsessed, whatevs. :)
 IRO silk Mya shorts (sold out)
I heart these things, even though I was secretly hoping to not like them because they weren't a necessity per se, but they're just so stinkin' cute and the perfect "I'm not casual but I'm not dressy, either" short. (I think I analyze my shorts a wee bit too much, huh?)

Anywhooo, go check out the remainder of my sale. And happy hump day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Impromptu blog sale!

Hey all!

Just doing a quick, impromptu blog sale. Please let me know if you're interested in any item by emailing me at  These will only be on sale for a day or two before I go and sell them at a consignment shop near me, so if you're interested lemme know ASAP! :)  Also, there are a variety of sizes here, so check everything out. All prices are the prices shipped.

1. Anthropologie Moulinette Soeurs dress, size 2 (Can't recall the name of this!) $30.00 SOLD
This dress was out Fall 09 (or winter '10?) at Anthro and is super cute. I bought a size 2 hoping I would get it taken in and never did, and it sat there relatively unworn in my closet. Like new! :)

2. Beth Bowley knee-length dress, size 2-- $30.00 SOLD
I purchased this dress in the Spring of '08, I believe, and wore it for a wedding. Then never wore it again. Just one of those things! Size 2, but because it's quite flowy, it could fit a variety of small sizes. There are little strings for attaching a belt that can easily be used or cut off it wanted.

3. T-Bags Hawaiian-inspired shirt/tunic, size M-- $25.00 SOLD
This was one of T-Bags' resort collection prints if I remember correctly and was out in 09. Bought it intending to wear it as a tunic since it's too big, but then never ended up wearing it but once or twice.

4. Splendid open cardigan, size XS-- $15.00 SOLD
I have worn this a handful of times and there is a little pilling around the sweater. Still in good shape, though! Bought at Nordstrom in Fall 08.

5. The Limited geometric print dress, Size 0-- $15.00
Worn once for a wedding. Bought in 2007 probably and has just sat since. I don't do strapless usually, so I just never reach for it even though I think the print is fabulous!!

6. The Limited bow tie cami, size XS-- $10.00
Cute, and again only worn two or three times. Basically like new condition.

7. The Limited blue lace tank with bow, size S-- $10.00
This is another case of bought it too big, hoping to get it taken in and never did. Oh well! Bought in 2008 sometime.

Monday, June 14, 2010

OOTD: Blardigans and corsets.

Thanks to EHayes, "blardigan" is my new word for this cardigan that is reminiscent of a blazer because of the cool lapel. I broke down this weekend and bought another in a very light heather blue, which matches perfectly to the blue color in my Geren Ford tiger ikat tank. (It was in part an effort to style that pretty tank with something else besides the color blush and some jeans... outfit to come later.)

And this corset hasn't been worn all that much since I bought it, because frankly it is quite tight and restricts my posture... which is slumpy. 'N I like it that way. :-P  *Schlump* But the colors on it are simply gorgeous. Love it.

 Corset: French Connection bustier top in China Rose
Sweater, aka Blardigan: Nordstrom (Frenchi) cardigan
Pants: Nordstrom (Hinge) silk pants
Shoes: MICHAEL Michael Kors cage sandals
Earrings: Francesa's Boutique

Quick shout out to Linda of Little Tin Soldier, who not only has a very cute blog, but created the pretty new header you see above. Isn't the little paper doll she drew of me adorable?! She's super talented and definitely fashionable, so go check her out. And Linda...  THANK YOU! I love it. :)

**Quick question to any of you who know HTML: Does anyone know how to use the Blogger "page" widget (like I have above) but make the navigation bar icons (jpegs) rather than just words? Linda made me some super cute matching buttons for my static pages but I unfortunately can't figure out how to code it so I can use them. Please advise, thanks!**