Monday, January 18, 2010

Enter a giveaway, even if it's not mine!

This is another one of those boring, information-type posts. Ugh, I know, I'm a betch, right? But this is still kinda fun and exciting even if it's not mindless pretty colors.

LuShae Jewelry is running a huge giveaway over on their site. I've seen LuShae's jewels and other bloggers have sung the company's praises (like Shannon at Wardrobe Review, or Classy In Philadelphia).  It's an Australian based jewelry company who models many of their pretty pieces off of celebrity designs, and of course, at a fraction of the price. Here's the giveaway: If you have a MySpace, blogger, or Live Journal account/page, you can win a grand prize of $5,000. Yeah, $5,000. That's a lot of money. In fact, that would buy me all the DVF in the world! (Scratch that. At least half the new DVF Spring collection, though. Sigh.) They even do monthly giveaways for a $200 prize, and anyone who enters the grand prize is eligible for the monthly ones, too. Oh AND you can get 15% off the entire site by entering! Whew... that's a lot of offers. All you have to do is click this link and follow the steps listed (post one of their badges on your page, then enter your name and email-- pretty simple).

(And again, for total clarity, I receive compensation for giveaway entrants who enter from that link above.)

Me? I wouldn't mind sporting this little pretty on my right hand:

Nice. Oh and look, I gave you a pretty picture to look at! I'm so sweet.


  1. I just did a LuShae giveaway...their jewelry is FAB and I can't stop staring at my ring.

  2. Right, I forgot to add you! OK, I'm editing the post, haha :)