Sunday, January 17, 2010

A quite informative post.

Good evening, my lovies, and I hope all are having a nice Sunday night. I have to work tomorrow, so no short week for me, although I believe I either pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle in my side/back. So maybe I need to go the doctor's office? Right? Or lay in bed all day to heal up? Yes... well, maybe. :)

On my Twitter feed this afternoon, I asked for thoughts on me selling some items from my closet I need to get rid of right here on my blog. I have about 10 pairs of dress pants that have all been worn like 2-3 times before they got WAY too small on me (all about size 0s, or 25s, and very nice quality-- most are BCBG Max Azria), several sweaters, and two skirts. I'd love to do what other bloggies are doing and give my readers a first-dibs shot at them before I put them on eBay. You may be interested, you may not-- but at least it gives you a chance to peruse on a smaller, less competitive venue than eBay. I've heard/seen some controversey regarding this, but after some deliberation have concluded that there is nothing wrong with this and should be no problem. Anyway, just putting it out there before I launch the sale post (probably some time next week). For the record, I will consider email interest first (as it is the best and most direct way to get a hold of me) and then comments, so if you really want the item, please email before commenting on the post. I'll go over all these rules again when I actually put them for sale. So that's that.

Also, I'm thinking about adding a page/section regarding marketing/advertising on my blog. I'm not actively seeking adertisers, but for 100% clarity, I have been receiving compensation for some of my links and reviews. These include Shopbop, eShakti, and a few others that are in the works. As this grows, I'd like to be completely transparent with my readers, and I will ALWAYS remark whether the review concerns compensation or is just off the top of my head. MOST IMPORTANTLY, though, I will NEVER review a brand, company or item that I do not 100% wholeheartedly believe in. It's my own ethical stance and I promise to not go back on that. I will (and do) reject offers that I find not in line with my blogging stance. Anyway. So that's that, too.

I'm getting wordy, which is rare for this thing (pretty pictures is funner). Back to those pictures this coming week!


  1. I think advertising is a great thing, personally (and obviously, cuz I have it on my blog!). It's all stuff I was babbling about before the advertising (companies like shopbop, modcloth, lulu's, etc) and it's all stuff I'd continue to babble about even without revenue, so it's all love from me. I often get offers from retailers and stores wanting to do give-aways with me, and I actually (often!) turn them down because I might be unfamiliar with a product, or I simply don't like the product or the retailer. I definitely turn down waaay more than I accept, which is kind of an interesting thing. It shows that retailers and stores are paying more attention to bloggers- and obviously, the power we can wield in the market. But at the same time, it does get abused all-too-often in the blogger world. :(

    I think as long as you go in with the idea that you wholeheartedly love the product you're reviewing, giving away, or advertising, as you stated you do- you'll be fine. Just always keep that in mind!

    I've also been toying with the idea of a blog sale for a long time now to clear room in my closet for spring, so I'll be interested to see how yours goes! ♥

  2. Thanks for the thoughts/advice, Chloe! Yeah, as long as I stick to my gut, I think the integrity of the blog will stay intact. That's really all I want! :) But it never hurts to get a little love for all the hard work these things are, either.

  3. I say, post your sale items! Go for it! I have purchased from other bloggers whose style I LOVE and am so grateful for the opportunity to do so. anyone who doesn't care for this, doesn't need to participate/look/buy. YOu will make some people very happy by doing this. And thank you for the transparency with your reviews. I appreciate that.

  4. Hey girl - I say as long as you're upfront about it, you're all good! :) As for the bloggy sale, go for it.