Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Attention! BLOG SALE IS UP!

Yay! My very first bloggie sale. Although I have a large closet, I don't have a massive one, so these may not be super-frequent (meaning I'll post them as regular posts rather than create a separate page for them).

Anyway, here are my general rules (please read all of the terms below so there is no confusion, thanks!):

1. If you are interested in buying or have more questions regarding items, please email me (justinelise84@gmail.com). This way, I'll have a better record of first-come, first-serve (my commenting widget is less than perfect). If you comment, I cannot promise you'll get first dibs. And of course, I'll need contact info to respond to you, so yeah. Emailing = BEST.

2. The person who will receive the item is the person who receives an email from me stating it's yours pending payment. If you email me with questions but don't really indicate you're planning on buying it, it's not being held. Let me know if you want it "held" for you (again, this is first-come first-serve). I will only "hold" an item for someone who is debating for 48 hours.

2. Prices are negotiable, but I reserve the right to turn down an offer I feel is not fair.

3. Almost all of these items are pre-worn, but very lightly worn. None of them have been altered (i.e. pant lengths are all original inseam).

4. Prices already include shipping prices, so you'll only pay the amount listed.

5. I SERIOUSLY VERY MUCH TOTALLY prefer Paypal. Checks are messy and not guaranteed, so this is much better on both ends, I believe.


Limited cropped brown/gold threaded sweater, lightly used. Sz XS. $20 shipped.

Express cropped white sweater, lightly used. Sz XS. $20 shipped.

Limited long button-down cardigan vest, very lightly used. Sz XS. $20 shipped.

Free People printed tunic sweater, very lightly used. Sz XS. $25 shipped.

Juicy Couture pink cashmere sweater, very lightly used. Sz S. $30 shipped.

White House Black Market cropped embellished sweater, worn once or twice. Sz S. $20 shipped.

Express Houndstooth miniskirt, worn twice. Sz 0. $20 shipped.

Forever 21 pencil skirt, worn once. Sz M. $10 shipped.

Betsey Johnson black sequined dress, worn once. Sz P. $30 shipped.

Custom-made tulle/vintage fabric dress (from etsy.com), NEVER worn. $35 shipped. (note: no size because it's custom, but this will fit between an XS and S.)

Bebe striped dress, worn once. Sz XS. $25 shipped.

BCBG grey mid-rise dress pant, lightly used. Sz 2. $25 shipped.

BCBG brown striped dress pant, lightly used. Sz 0. $25 shipped.

BCBG grey dress pant, lightly used. Sz 0. $25 shipped.

Anthropologie (taikonku is the brand) green tweed pant, very lightly used. Sz 0. $30 shipped.

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