Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When you have a bad day....

Ugh. It's just one of those days that nothing seems to work to make you smile-- know those days? Blah. I had a bout of rare insomnia last night, have a headache, spilled coffee, ate a kinda-gross soup for lunch (trying to save my pennies here), hate my outfit today (this mood is affecting my inspiration!) and to top it all off, it's RAINING. I hate rain, p.s.

The only kinda-sorta-good thing that happened was an email from Jenny Lau of Jimmy Choo to make me crack a little smile... just a little. She wanted to let me-- and you, I'm sure-- know about the new Jimmy Choo line called CHOO 24:7. Check out pics from the line here: CHOO 24:7. The line is super-classic and great for everyday wear. My best guess is they're trying to expand the brand past celebrity style and find their way into the working-woman's closet.

OK. So maybe insanely pretty shoes with a slightly lower price tag are something to smile about. Here are my pics from the line... (eeepp!) :

How pretty are these? With an LBD-- nothing short of fantastic.

Strappy perfection. And bronzed to boot!

....aaaaannnddd crazy cat lady strikes again, MEOW.

Just the perfect sexy-yet-somehow-demure nude pumps.

I'll take one of each, thaaaaanks. Could ya'll see yourself wearing a pair of these babies?

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  1. LOVE those Jimmy Choos.

  2. I had a bad day too, I am so exhausted! Love the shoes, they made me smile too!

  3. Oh wowza...I'll take all four, thanks. I've also had a bad two can only get better! Thanks for the eye candy!

  4. GORGEOUS!! All of them are so DEVINE! My closet is calling for them!! Thank you for posting and I hope your day gets better!!