Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ya'll, it's keeeeellling me to not post on here more than daily. I've had quite a busy and productive day, but I've just gotta post a little style inspiration. At the end of the day (literally and metaphorically), fashion is my oasis. I look to it for comfort and for excitement.

So speaking of, does anyone watch Launch My Line?! Oh god, I want that red/zebra outfit, not that I could wear something that skimpy, but whatevs...

I'll be back very soon with an OOTD, because I'm feelin' like I need a little photo shoot/dress up session. And just for fun, here's a recent polyvore of mine that I plan on recreating very, very soon...
winter idea 8


  1. I tried to watch the show last night but I was so tired, I fell asleep in the middle of it. Now I need to catch a re-run.

    Good luck with all your interviews.

  2. I watched the show last night (prob seen about 1/2 the season bc I always forget its on)... I'm scared for the ruffled red dress, its a hot mess. I hope Merle wins because her collection is pretty cohesive and is 'nice' (not stunning by any means though). And the DJ's clothes are soo trashy..

    PS - i like your pretty purple bootie/heels :)

  3. Cute ensemble! Liking the pop of purple!

  4. Ha! No DVR? I need to remember to record it. It was pretty good. :) And thanks!

  5. I totally agree about the DJ's stuff, so trashy. I don't like Merle's attitude, which means I don't like her line, haha. And I just love Karen, even if her red ruffle dress is way overthought and Marilyn Monroe-esque. Sigh. :)

  6. Merci, Coley-darling!

  7. Yeah, I haven't seen enough episodes.. or well, enough OF the episodes (I always turn it on at 10:45 and catch the end)... which is why I don't know anything about their personalities...

    However, I did like the queen, just for the fact he was extremely entertaining...