Thursday, January 7, 2010

Budget Buster vs. Stylish Substitute

Although I do these posts few and far between, I saw this one today and got a leeeeetle excited, because I kinda like the cheaper version better. Yay!

Budget Buster:

Free People Stripe Sweater, $138
Stylish Substitute:

Forever 21 Striped Stud Trim Cardigan, $32

I think I like F21's version better because of the studs and the length, but Free People's color is much better. Well, the price is really what would do it for me, since I would gladly pay $100 less for the F21 version!

No OOTD today. It's so cold they closed schools, which means I'm wrapped up in a sweater and jeans. Not very exciting. Let's hope the weather getss a teense warmer.

Also, GO HORNS!!! (Texas vs. Alabama tonight 7 pm CST. I'll be watching it with bells on. Eating Buffalo Wild Wings. Yum.)


  1. Ooh, great find!

    And closing schools 'cuz it's too cold? What, is it 32 degrees there? I've never heard of such a thing! ;)

  2. Uh, no! It's like... umm.. ok well whatever maybe it is only in the 30s but you're just jealous. :) I mean, Dallas has no idea what to do when there is *gasp* ICE ON OUR BRIDGES AND OVERPASSES! OHMIGOD! EVERYONE DRIVE 2 MILES AN HOUR YAY!

  3. I love the forever 21 version. Thanks for this great find.
    My sister lives in Dallas too and she says everyone was freaking out because of the ice. I lived in TX most of my life so when I moved to Indiana for graduate school I thought classes would be canceled during my first snow showers, but no, I had to go to class. It was the first time in my life that I ever saw that much snow.

  4. I love the F21 sweater, I may just have to make a stop by there soon!

  5. I like the f21 version also but I've seen it in store and it's made with rabbit hair...which means tons of shedding! It was the only reason I didn't buy it!

  6. cute sweaters- i'll have to try the F21 version the next time i'm there. It snows a ton where I am and we never get snow days :(

  7. really? Interesting... I'm surprised they would do anything with rabbit hair, ya know? haha...