Friday, July 30, 2010

Pardon the interruption...

Morning, bloggies! As you may have read, I'm off to DC today to meet Rosa, a frequent blog-commenter, Summer from Sum Sunshine, and a few other J Crew bloggies! I'm super excited about the trip and can't wait to share pictures of what we did, what we shopped and what we ate (yum).

I'll be back on Monday with some updates! Until then, au revoir, and have a fun weekend no matter where you're spending it.  :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

OOTD: I'm blue.

I seriously detest that this shirt never photographs in it's actual color. Which is actually teal. While this makes it seem bright blue. All frustrations aside, I really love this blouse and never knew how much wear I would get from it at the time I bought it. Who would have thought I would become a silk blouse freak? All the better, because these pretty little babies will get me through the fall and winter under the blazers I plan on buying.

(p.s.: T-minus 1 day until my DC excursion!)

Blouse: BCBGMax Azria
Skirt: F21 stripe knit skirt
Shoes: Chinese Laundry zebra hair shoes

I really hate to say it, but this is about as print-mixing as I will go. I've seen bunches of other bloggies pulling off the print mix look, but I just can't seem to do it well. This blouse has a pseudo-cheetah print embossed on it; the skirt is striped; and the shoes are zebra. Wild and crazy, eh? I think there must be something about the look that is a little too hectic for me, and especially given the neutral tones of this past spring and now fall, I feel the urge to minimize rather than maximize. (Not that I'm all that great at minimalism, anyway.) (The first step is realizing you have a problem. The second step is realizing you don't want to do anything about it. :) )

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Fall Checklist.

If you can't already tell, I'm starting to warm... errr, cool? to the idea of fall. Its so hard when you start seeing the pretty colors and luxe fabrics the cooler months bring! So, as I do biannually, I find myself creating a loose list of what sorts of things I'll be buying in an effort to nail down some sort of style aesthetic for this half of the year. Here it is so far.

1. Olive green.

I don't care if I end up with a jacket, sweater, pants or top in this color as long as I own it. I have been drooling over the moss and army green shades I've been seeing and know it will be a big color for the fall/winter seasons. This J Crew silk jacket is very, very high on my wishlist right now, though! (Why must it be more than $100... why?!)

2. Blazers.

This is no shocker, people. My love for blazers and structured jackets is nothing new. But this season, since school will be in the picture, I plan on really getting some versatile blazers to mix and match with different tops and dresses. I love the vintage-like print on this one from Topshop! So fun.

3. OTK boots.

I've been talking about these since last year, yes I know. But I really love the look. The problem is the price. I don't want a leg full of pleather (teeters on trashy...), but the leather boots are a little hard to swallow. These Boutique 9's are perfect, but I will have to save my money!

4. Leopard.

Again, this is nothing new. I heart animal prints way more than I should. But I'm thinking I need some leopard booties as the quintessential expression of the fall leopard trend. *Dreams.*

5. Comfortable sweaters.

Duh. I mean, this is on everyone's wishlist, right? But I'm talking luxe, thick sweaters to be layered with and cozied up to. Very much like this cabin sweater by Anthro. Sigh.

6. Et Cetera.

This includes: cargo pants; a trench coat; clogs; lace up/peeptoe boots/booties, and so on. These are more wishlisted than needs, but should be included nonetheless. I'm organized here, people. :) 

What's on your must-have list for Fall 2010?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OOTD: A little staycation.

Sorry about the non-warned hiatus I took, readers! I do hate excuses, but I'll offer one anyway: my 17-year old sister was in town until today and spent a long weekend with us. Despite her pleading to "do a blog and let me take the pictures!", I decided to just resume my regularly scheduled posting today instead.   :)  I guess on the topic, I'll mention that this coming weekend will also require a little hiatus because I'm headed to DC on Friday. It shouldn't interrupt all that much, since I don't do too many weekend posts as it is, but just an FYI. I can't wait to report back about all the fun I have, though!

Here's a quick OOTD-- I decided to take my rarely-worn Modcloth dress and make it into a top instead of a short, tight dress. Made it more office-appropriate, I think! Plus, I do love a kinda-retro outfit every once in a while (and yes, retro does equal high waisted, flowy and knee length for me). I revealed my little secret in one of the following pictures.... hehe...

Top/dress: Modcloth, from this past winter
Skirt: Banana Republic white linen skirt
Necklace: F21 teardrop necklace
Shoes: Michael Michael Kors cage sandals

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lust for fall: The Mason.

A few months ago, I scored the hot pink suede version of Elizabeth and James' Mason pumps (seen here, for one). Despite their slightly ankle-breaking quality, these babies are amazingly adorable and are the perfect Barbie shoe!

I was pleasantly pleased to discover E&J recreating this pretty spring/summer style for the colder months. I bring you my shoe lust of the fall: The reinvention of the Mason (sure to become a staple E&J shoe!):

Clockwise: E&J Haircalf platform pumps; Suede platform pumps; Metallic platform pumps; Snake platform pumps. All at Shopbop, and all extremely covetable. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

OOTD: Ho, hum.

I tried to deny it. I tried to resist it. I tried....

But it's definitely that time of year.

You know what I'm talking about. The time of year when you've "been there, done that" for fashion and you need to move on to something new, something different, lest you be caught in a rut of the same old, same old. (I can't be alone, right?!)

The problem with this is that it is most definitely still summer and I most definitely still want it to be. But my wardrobe is getting old and my ideas are no longer fresh. As a fashion "OOTD" blogger-- someone who feels a little pressure to come up with new things and ideas-- this can be quite a task. Because when I walk in my closet, the only thing I'm thinking is "What shirt have I not yet sweat through worn with my requisite F21 shorts?" and my inspiration starts to wane when I see I've basically tried it all before. The previously exciting new ideas become stale and tried. What's left? A pair of jeans and a tee. All well and fine, yes, but inspirational? Not really.

So instead of trying to force it today, I'm going to let it be. I mean, this is a fashion diary of sorts, and diaries aren't simple tales of love and happiness. There are funks, too! And ho-hum entries! I'm learning that this fashion thing can't be forced, and if jeans and a tee are what I'm grabbing then so be it.

Therefore, I present: jeans and a tee.  :)

Top: H&M
Jeans: Juicy Couture skinny jeans
Shoes: Liliana Bardor pumps
Earrings: Express gold hoops

(p.s. I am no longer green in hue. I think Photoshop and I have corrected the problem. Plus, my walls look a lot more like their actual color: sky blue. Yay!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things the Interwebs Got Wrong: UO edition.

You all know my love of Urban Outfitters, and the following does not change my mind. But, you know, sometimes? They really corn-fuse me and make me think, "Whaaa?"  Here's to a good "WTF?" today, lovies.

1. Polka Dot Collar, $38.
For the lady who never knows when a lobster dinner may strike.

2. Finger Ring, $100.
Um, just weird. And they want me to pay $100 for a finger on my finger? Eeeesh.

3. Elastic cuffed denim, $48.
I don't know who would look better in these: my mom or an 8 month old. (Answer: neither.)

4. "The Little Whizzer."
Ummm, just no. (p.s.: Does that glass say "slut"?!)

5. Tote bag for men, AKA "Murse."
For a murse, the bag isn't that bad, but this deserves a spot because of the poor dude's facial expression. Kinda looks like he's jealous of another guy's murse. Hmm.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OOTD: In the dead heat of summer.

Whew, lovies! Lemme tell ya... when the AC and the power go out in your office building, it zaps energy. Lemme tell ya. Fortunately, today was much better (both came back on), so my blogging spirit is back in full force. Here's the outfit I wore this weekend with some friends who were in town from San Antonio. I love when they come in town, but since they're so used to being casual, I have to pick outfits carefully. Although I usually love over-dressing rather than under-dressing, I hate the possibility of making others uncomfortable, so I found a good mix in a bright top and some dressy shorts. Done and done.

Top: BCBG pink tee
Shorts: F21 lacey shorts
Necklace: Topshop (thanks, T!)
Shoes: JS Cedary sandals
Bracelets: F21 pearls

I'm still trying to figure out how to make the lighting appear a little less green/blue in these pics, but I think the paint color messes all that up for me. Hopefully I don't look too weird with a greenish hue! :) 

Monday, July 19, 2010

OOTD: Free flowin'.

If there is one style I love love love, it has to be the easy breezy cotton/jersey look. Granted, I think my style incorporates a lot of femininity and sometimes even edginess, but I'm always most comfortable in a loose top and leggings. I think that's why I fell pretty hard for the Seventy Two Changes top at Nordstrom's Anniversary sale. Its also great because it can be as easily worn now as it will be in the fall months. It may not be to everyone's liking (my friend's mother saw it on my blog and said, "What is that?!", hehe) but as long as you're not wearing it with some loose pants or sweats, it really looks adorable. Case in point: ---->


Top: Seventy Two Changes boxy tee
Shorts: F21
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: Flavanilla (Etsy shop) Love necklace

There is a good reason this thing is called the boxy tee, and you can best see why in the last photo: it's literally in the shape of a square with holes in it for arms to pop out. The pockets just drape. The thing that really makes it has to be the little metallic stud details that add a little fun and make it more than just a sweatshirt-type top. This will look super cute with some leggings and booties for sure-- it even looks cute off the shoulders.

Well... I like it, anyway.  :)  Have a great Monday, lovies!

(and look, Ma, I'm finally getting a tan! Zoiks!)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shifting into fall: RESULTS.

Fetching Fashions here to report on the Nordstrom Ann'y Sale! :)

First, my take on the things I was shopping yesterday:

The Sanctuary cargos: Although some seem to really like these, I'm still on the fence. I just think they're not very "me" despite the fact that they're a trend. Plus, they didn't seem to fit me right. The material was nice but I was hoping for something a bit softer. I'm still contemplating getting the real thing, but with my doubts about them being my style, not sure it's the best idea. Skipped.

The Lily White banded skirt: very cute, but definitely an $18 skirt if you catch my drift. Something F21 may have sold. I feel like it was pretty every-day and not all that special. Granted, it is only $18, but I passed for now. I may change my mind and get it, but with all the other things I'm saving for, I just don't think I need this skirt.

Nick and Mo jacket: not sold in my store. Argh. I was really looking forward to seeing this one!

HUE corduroy leggings: As I was walking up to the rack of leggings, a cute little sales girl came up and told me to act fast because they were already almost sold out. Hmm, ok. I tried these on in the greyish color and really like them. I understand why they're selling! They are soft and somewhat thick, definitely reserved for cooler months. I think they'll go well with lots of things in my closet and will be perfect for wearing to class and lounging about. Plus, only $22. Purchased.

Things I spotted but didn't talk about:

Halogen Olivia boots: I did not try these babies on, but I thought they were really nice. A simple, black boot. Something I really should purchase sooner than later. Unfortunately, the idea of wearing boots right now makes me feel ill (literally-- this heat is making me nauseous!) so I couldn't bring myself to buy.

REPORT Monroe boots: So pretty. I thought these were nice in every color. Very versatile and great price at $109. I would recommend... but again, see comment above re: feeling ill thinking about them. Sigh.

Seventy Two Changes Boxy tee: Something I completely overlooked online and thought nothing of, until the nice SA snuck it in to my fitting room while I was trying other things. Funny thing, I didn't get anything I brought in and instead left with this on her suggestion! Thanks, Nordies SA! :) Its just so nice and comfortable-- it's a super-soft jersey and has nice little pyramid studs on it. It was so cute with my J Brands and Topshop necklace (thanks, T, who recently visited Brighton, England!) that I had to buy it. Impulse much?

Also tried on the Patterson J Kincaid harem pants and liked them, but wasn't sure if I looked like I dropped a load in them or not. Passed.

In other shopping news, I went a searchin' for this pretty cardigan that Chloe featured on her shopping blog and didn't find it. Curse you, Dallas retail buyers who aren't getting sweaters because it's hot as bejeezus here! But it's high on my wishlist for sure!

How did ya'll fare at the Ann'y sale??

Friday, July 16, 2010

Shifting into fall...

It's a huge dilemma, people: do I fall into fall in the middle of July? Or do I hold out?

I think the problem is twofold: 1. There are so many cute new fall items out there. 2. I will not be able to wear said cute items for probably another 4 months. Sad story, but true for us Southerners. However, if I will be shopping, I ought to be shopping fall since my summer closet is pretty filled to the brim.

With these considerations in mind, I will trek to my local Nordstrom today to see what I can see of the Anniversary sale. Here's what I'll be shopping (lest the 106 degree temps make me faint):

Sanctuary Peace cargos, on sale for $78.90 (and believe you me, that ugly belt will be promptly removed.)

Lily White Banded Skirt, on sale for $17.90 (!)

Nick and Mo Ruffle Jacket, on sale for $39.90 (I am a little worried I'll be sized out of this.)

Hue Cords leggings, on sale for $21.90 (looks cozy!)

And, because Shopbop is like crack, I also bought this pretty little fall piece last night:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

OOTN: I must be crazy, but...

The forecast has called for 106 heat-index temperatures all day. What do I decide to do? Go to an outdoor play. Awesome.  :)  Here's the outfit, which is honestly a little more "tribal" than I typically go for, but hey. I've been lately inspired by all the utility-pocketed shirts and cargos I've spotted for fall. Plus, it's so super hot and I don't feel like wearing my go-to white or black F21 shorts tonight. Sigh.

 Top: F21 beaded tank
Shorts: Mossimo army green shorts
Belt: EPIC Apparel beaded belt
Shoes: CV for Target sandals

1. Please ignore my totally horrible photoshop skillz and the fact that I had to photoshop out my bra straps because I forgot to put on a strapless. Ooops. (maybe I just shouldn't have said anything and then you wouldn't have noticed? Too late.)
2. I think I'm teetering on going overboard on the beads, but I also think it works. So I'm sticking with the latter.
3. Who is ready for the weekend? I feel like it should be Friday already. I'm ready for some pool-time, the Anniversary sale and relaxing. Come quickly, Saturday!

Shoe Love: shoes that kill.

It's no secret that I love shoes, just like it's no secret that I like taking risks. However, these shoes by Ruthie Davis? They take that to a whole new level...

Ruthie Davis SPIKE in Dark Gaga, pre-order them here for a whopping $1,395

Just had to share these today. When I saw the email in my inbox this morning from SHE Boutique, I knew this is the stuff that fashion is made of. Artistic, architectural, wonderfully-wacky, almost-unwearable, (totally out of my league).... Not that fashion has to be or even is always like that, but it's inspirational when it is! RD is known for her crazy shoes-- last year I spotted some detachable heel shoes that I thought were pretty neato. If I could, I would totally rock these babies with some skinny jeans and an oversized linen sweater. Casual on top, BAM on bottom. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OOTD: the daytime mini.

Don't you just hate it when you have a nice item sitting in your closet that you never wear? This happens to me way more than I'd like to admit. I have a tendency of buying things that I love but aren't super practical. The only upside to this is that it really challenges me to step outside my usual boundaries and switch things up.

So as I was sitting at work today, daydreaming and... well, not really working... I remembered that I haven't given enough attention to my Rebecca Taylor cheetah print skirt. The reason is definitely because it's a "going out skirt." Even though I wish my life were more glamorous, it's pretty true that my weekends don't always allow me to wear my fun little numbers. What's a girl to do? Wear them anyway. And wear them for daytime.

'Course, there are no rules per se for wearing a mini when the light is bright, but I think the best course of action is:
1. Balance the legginess on bottom with some covered-upness on top. This is always a good idea, but more so during the day!
2. Keep jewelry toned down, or else it gets too dressed up.
3. Try flats or sandals instead of heels to maintain the laid-back air.

(note: This is not work friendly. Although somewhat-short skirts are OK in certain office environments, please don't think I pranced in to work today wearing this little ditty. But it's totally day-do-able whilst shopping or catching a nice lunch on a patio. On a non-work day.)

Top: The Limited tee
"Blardigan": Nordstrom BP (Frenchi) cardigan
Skirt: Rebecca Taylor cheetah print skirt (still around here, and cheap!!)
Shoes: Sam Edelman (from Anthro, winter '10) reptilian oxfords (on sale here)
Belt: Express 
Necklace: EPIC Apparel

And, umm, so, why didn't I know Ms. Taylor has an online site? With amazing sale items to boot? ::scurries off to online shop...::

Monday, July 12, 2010

Conclusions to Which I've Come.

...Some good, some not-so-good.

1. Having a house means you're a grownup. There is no way around it. It also apparently means handymen knock on your door Sunday morning without warning to fix the crack in your ceiling and put the varnish on the door. And you'll inevitably be in your PJs still and not fully awake and trying to remember the Spanish that you haven't studied since 4th grade. "Coma estas, Mr. Handyman? Ummm... uhhh, el sol es brillo, no?"

2. Fall is coming, no matter how much I want to pretend it's not. Well, ok. So there are several months left for wearing tees and shorts, but in the world of fashion, there's no escaping it. The only good thing about this is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. But once that's over, I swear! I'll be hating fall again! Promise!

3. (Although this is seriously making me want to change my mind. But I'm holding tight to my summer! Damnit!)

4. T-minus 18 days until my uber-girly weekend in DC, during which time I will gorge on good food, good shopping, and good cupcakeries. (Wahoo!)

5. This makes me even more sad that the shorts died over the holiday weekend. I miss them! (But, thanks to Meggy for the shout-out!! Totally flattering.)

6. Cheese made of 75% butterfat is the equivalent of heaven on earth. Fo'realz. (you can get it at the grocery store, too!)

EDIT: I also want to draw quick attention over to my sidebar and show you a new addition: Until the end of the month, you can get 10% off your order at eShakti by using code fetchingfashions123 !! :) Also, don't forget, the code for 15% off at Selfish Style should still work, too. (Let me know if it doesn't!) 

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fashion + Google = Greatness.

Happy Friday to my readers!

So over on Jenny's blog yesterday, I spied a post that really intrigued me: it was about a new pilot program launched by Google to improve the ties between fashion and technlogy. This seems pretty fitting, since the world of fashion blogging has really grown over time, and we fashion-bloggers know first hand about the intersection between style, fashion and tech-savvy. Many of us fashionista/os are using the internet and technlogy to not just promote style, but follow and keep up with it as well. To get this all started, Google needs our fashion-blogging help.

If you'd like to join in on the project and help out, get in touch with Tony Wang on twitter. Follow him, then send him a message and tell him you're interested. He can tell you more about how to get involved.

Pros for us bloggers? More exposure and staying linked-in to the up-and-coming world of fashion & technology. Plus, it's always nice to give back to the people that make this really happen, huh? :)

So get your fashion-bloggey butts over to Twitter and talk to Tony. Do it. Now.

(And if you need some more Friday distractions, have a looksie at his blog, too. Keep up the great work, Tony!)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

OOTD: It's a skirt, it's a tube...

... iiiitttt's SUPER TOP!

(Admittedly ridiculous. Sorry.)

But no, seriously. Way back when I bought this skirt, I was excited to try it as a tube top, too. See, I don't buy strapless tops or dresses all that often. Not only are they not the most flattering on me, but I lack the equipment to hold them up. But sometimes, I like the idea of them, so this skirt was perfect-- I was buying it as a skirt (and would get most use out of it that way), but also knew I could dip my toes into the pond of tube tops, too. Problem solved.

Plus, after yesterday's outfit, which was pretty mainstreamed, I wanted to spice up my new bell bottoms. I mean, don'chall miss it when I don't wear wacky things?  :)

Top/Skirt: F21 striped mini
Belt: Rodarte for Target leopard bow belt
Jeans: J Brand Lovestory in Falcon
Shoes: Steve Madden Tristano heels
Bracelet: A.V. Max pyramid studded cuff (and... eeeppp!)
Ring: MbMJ bow ring, won from ELECTRICFRINGE (thanks, lady!)