Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Pledge.

Lovies, I need your help. Mostly, it's that you make sure I keep this vow:



(Excluding ivory, which counts as a pastel. OK.)

Looking back at my recent outfits--although pretty-- I've noticed I need to bring that color back into my life. And it's not for a lack of color in my wardrobe. I think it's just been a mood (?) or winter or something that's doing it to me. So when you hear me ooohing and aaahing over another black top, skirt, or shirt, please knock me over the head and say, "NO. Justine? NO." And I will forever be indebted.

It's crazy, too, because back in high school, I was always made fun of for being so lanky. I was specifically taught to NOT wear black, because it would make me just disappear. I now know that no color can really do that to you (it's all about the fit, my lovies), but I still get a feeling that I'm compensating for the years lost of not wearing anything but bold prints, color and bulky materials. With Spring lurching ahead (omigosh it's 68 and BEAUTIFUL out there today), my pledge will definitely be to "lighten" up a bit. So yay! I have in mind something like this (you will be mine, little dressey-poo).

And stay tuned for my OOTD later, where I will completely ignore this post and wear something neutral. (ok I know, whatever, but just as a side note: my outfit today could be my uniform I love it so much. That means I must share it, no?)


  1. that dress is too pretty!! and I'm the exact opposite, I keep trying to get myself to wear MORE neutrals, I have a serious color problem.

  2. BUT AHEM, NEUTRALS ARE IN FOR SPRING. AGAIN. JUST LIKE THEY ARE EVERY SPRING. Hahaha. Can I just say, though, that I am seriously super intrigued by the neutral Giles Deacon sent down the runway for Spring?


    And I really want to try this. LOL.

  3. haha... OK. Let me rephrase. I mostly mean black. Because I've been doing that a lot lately, and it's just not very happy, ya know? I have too much of it and definitely don't need anymore (and that's not to say I'll stop wearing it, heh!) I did exclude ivory, that's happy! And I can't wait to see your orange eyeshadow, SEX-AY.

  4. I think that this weather and seasons play a role in picking colors to wear. I really do-in my mind winter says dark colors. Spring says colors. I think with all the neutrals Anthro is promoting, you many have a hard time :)