Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Ode to Shoshanna...

Dearest Shoshanna,

Your dresses are beautiful. I want them. Me like pretty colors. Thanks.

Love, Justine.

(hey, I didn't say it'd be an eloquent ode!)

And now for the eye candy part:

But seriously, I love this designer. Oh, and she's right on trend for this Spring with her bright and bold prints, short hemlines and fantastic draping. Sigh. I'm-a saving up my pennies, yes'siree. To be totally honest, I don't own a piece of her clothing, but hey, this Spring may be just the time to "spring on it." Hah! I punned.


  1. I LOVE Shoshana! I love the fit of her clothes - she designs for women!

  2. I love the romper and the beaded dress!