Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kickin' out the winter, part 2

Ha! You can't get me, winter! I'm too cunnin' for you. I wear cute dresses in spite of you.

Dress: UO Blue Chiffon Wildflower dress
Leggings: Nordstrom HUE
Shoes: Go Jane booties (many of you have asked about comfort, and yes, these are the pair I wear to the mall because they are so freekin' comfie)
Necklace: Baker's multi strand necklace

Oh I love this dress. It's funny, because I frequently find myself lusting after dresses, tops and shoes online, then get to the mall and buy something completely different. Maybe I prefer the seat-of-the-pants purchases, because they make you feel that "thrill of the find." This dress was like that. Never saw it online, never dreamed about it, but when I saw it (and the price) I was sold. Done. Mineohmine. Oh, but that necklace-- different story. I stalked that thing online for a while and decided to see if my local Baker's carried it, figuring I'd be SOL. I was pleased to find it, and for $14, it's a steal. It's so heavy and seems so well made that I kinda felt like I was doing something wrong when I walked out of there for as much as I would spend on a drink at the Ghostbar (heh!... no, I don't go to the Ghostbar. I'm not cool enough.).

About the outfit-- I'm excited to try this with a chunky sweater and a belt, and then pair it with my brogues and a vest when it's warmer. Yay! But I still think it looks cute just the way it is, with rather "light" styling.

And thanks for the feedback on the skirt yesterday. That poll thing is fun, I'm going to try it more often with outfits. Looks like the teal top lost... which is ok, because that just means CHALLENGE TIME for ole' Justiney. :)

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  1. Distinctly DesireeJanuary 9, 2010 at 7:17 PM

    I loooove that color on you!

  2. Love that color and I would love to see you in those shoes making laps around the mall!!

  3. That dress is just so pretty on you Justine! Great instinctual buy! I find all my spur of the moment purchases to be rather dismal when I take them back home, which is why I am usually of the incessantly-stalking-online variety of shopper, but you clearly have sound judgement :)

  4. Very cute dress, it's so feminine. I love how you are always combining items that have such a feminine vibe with more edgier stuff, like here, totally girly dress with booties and the necklace with the pearls and the different chains. Love it!

  5. haha, gurrrl, I totally did. :-P

  6. Thank you, Rosa! that's one of the best compliments I can get, hehe...