Wednesday, March 31, 2010

OMG!! BB vs. SS (again)

I know I just posted a Budget Busters vs. Stylish Substitutes about 10 minutes ago, but get a load of this!!!

Why, hello there, you oh-so-similar tank top. I purhcased this (almost) exact thing from Anthropologie (Corey Lynn Calter) just this winter. Hrmph. Can you believe it's only $78?! Granted, I only spent about that myself since I waited on a sale, but here I was thinking it was a unique piece. Goes to show ya everyone copies everyone. At least the good news is for those of you who hesitated and didn't get it-- well, here y'are! :)

Budget Buster vs. Stylish Substitute

These L.A.M.B. buckle sandals have been on my radar and wishlist for about a month now, and I just haven't pulled the trigger. They are so cute and would definitely satisfy my desire for a nude pair of sandals for the spring/summer.

Buuut, these Charlotte Russe knock-offs are super adorable and could fill my desire (and not empty my wallet)--

What a dupe, huh?! There are some diffs-- the CR version seems to be more of a caged bootie than a pump. I obviously still like the L.A.M.B. pair better, but for almost $300 less, I could settle, especially since they may be a little too trendy to spend that much. What do you think: the real thing, or the substitute??

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deep Thoughts By Justine.

(First, thanks for the interest in the blog sale! There are still a few things for sale... so get 'em while ya can!)

It's Tuesday. And I'm borrrrrrred.

Things the Interwebs got right today:
ModCloth Top, $44.99. The back of it is divine, too.
F21 Twist clock bustier, $22.80. I know it's kitschy, but I like it.
ModCloth's Tub stopper, $17.99. Freekin' adorable.

Lulus, $30. I've gone a little ruffled-shorts mad.

ModCloth Maxi dress, $102.99. This is so my style.

Things the Interwebs should be ashamed of:
Forever 21, $29. I like my dropped crotches, but, ummm... really?

ModCloth bathing suit, $169.99. The horse? and the price? Whaaa?

Shopbop's Kettle Black dress, $143. There is a western-theme here, peeps.

Urban Original romper, $19.90... yep, western-theme.

And the best for last: Hammacher Schlemmer's Pet High Chair. I laughed for 20 mins
straight when I found this on Twitter yesterday, courtesey Modcloth's feed. This just baffles my mind.

Happy Tuesdaying!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Dress Sale!

Hey lovies! I decided to do a quick and impromptu blog sale featuring 4 dresses I'm planning on selling. I realized how many freekin' dresses I own and I need to pare down a bit, so I'm first offering these to you. They will be put on eBay later this week but I wanted to give you first dibs/heads up. You can just email me or comment with your email address if you're interested (! We can figure out payment from there... also, all prices are negotiable!! Here we go:

1: BCBG Max Azria black and white dress:
- Features cute button embellishments and accordian pleated crumb-catcher.
-In perfect condition-- only worn once or twice.
-Belt is attached and ties at the waist to give definition.
-Purchased at BCBG boutique 2 years ago for an anniversary dinner where I saw Eva Longoria (heh!!). Has mostly just sat in my closet since.
-Size 0, fits TTS (and may even accommodate a bigger chest because of the pleating at the top).
-Asking $30 (shipping to US included)

2. Forever 21 "Karta-inspired" teal babydoll dress: SOLD.
-Cute Karta-inspired embellishments at the bust.
-Worn gently but in good condition.
-Tag fell off and you can see the tear in the inside-fabric; however, this does not affect the integrity of the dress at all.
- bought at F21 a few years ago.
-Size XS/S, fits TTS
-Asking $15 (shipping to US included)

3. Voom by Joy Han Zodiac dress: SOLD.
- Cute and fun print.
-The chest area is searsuckered for best fit. Has halter ties that tie at the neck.
-The button embellishments at the top are so pretty!
-Bought in an upscale Dallas boutique 2 years ago; very lightly worn.
-Size Small, fits TTS
-Asking $30 (shipping to US included).

4. BCBG Max Azria sundress:
-Bought at Nordstrom 4 years ago and has seriously been sitting in my closet for most of that because it doesn't fit me and I pray daily that it did. :( I think it needs a new home.
- Says size 2, but fits like a small 0 because of the chest/rib cage area... it's pretty small. It would be perfect on a more petite girl!
- Had an orange sash that was connected by little strings that were cut off, but not noticeable and would be so cute with a thin metallic belt instead.
-Asking $20 (shipping to US included).

Stay tuned, I may add some more on my eBay when I add these. Enjoy!!

What I wore/What I wanted to wear.

(Still have to come up with a clever name for this post if I end up making it a recurring theme. Mehhh...)
It's so hard being in an office with no windows when it is as nice as it is right now here in Dallas. The problem is, there are only about 2-3 weeks worth of nice weather-- meaning low 70s and sunny. We're already starting to creep into the 80s this week, and if it gets cooler again we can except rain and gloom. Yuck. I hate that I cant' really enjoy it! So although I actually wore ponte leggings and a denim jacket to work, I really wanted to bask in the warmth and sunlight by showing off the gams. Hence the "fantasty" outfit (which, by the way, doesn't feature an item that was in my real OOTD but does feature the same shirt from F21 from the last reality/fantasy outfit set! and a plethora of F21 items [I swear I shop at other stores]).

Top: F21 "Jungle" bubble hem top
Pants: Express ponte leggings
Jacket: F21 Dean Denim jacket
Shoes: Sam Edelman metallic flats

Top: F21 ruffle top
Jacket: F21 safari jacket
Shorts: F21 lace hot shorts
Shoes: Michael Kors cage sandals
Necklace: Simply Vera Vera Wang for Kohls

In other news, my Anthro jacket is here in Dallas (a mere 2-3 day shipping turnaround!)... it's just not yet in my possession. Damned USPS and their inability to leave anything on my doorstep just to make me sad. Well, I mean I think that's what they're trying to do, because it's what happens every time I get a delivery confirmation email to find that it's not really delivered to my little hands. Sad. And oh yeah... ummm... kinda ruined my whole shopping ban in just a matter of a few days, so please be forgiving, my darling and understanding readers. However, I did manage to get some things that I expect to become spring/summer staples, so it makes it ok. Right? Right! I'll share them as soon as they start arriving. If USPS/UPS is feeling giving, that is.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

OOTD: Harem calling my name?

Jury is still out on the pants I featured in this post. Today is the first day I'm actually wearing them out (nothing like some patio drinkin on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon). I think I like the outfit, but husband gave me the weirdo-eyes when I came out of my closet in this outfit. Now, I don't normally take cues from Mr. Unstylish, but you always have to wonder if his opinion will be the same of others... do I look like an idiot? Here's the problem, I think-- they sit too low on the waist. They're just a tad too big right now... I think I'll go to my local tailor and have them sit higher so as to make them a little less strange. Oh, and another problem? I can't sit in them for more than 10 minutes without wrinkles being out the waazooo.

Nonetheless, I can't seem to give them up. I still gravitate towards them. I still..... well, I still like them. They're fun and risky and comfortable, and I just want them to work so badly. Therefore, I'll make them work. Damnit.

Pants: Lulu's At Ease Trousers
Top: F21 paisely ruffle tank
Sweater: J.Crew ruffles and roses cardi
Shoes: Charles by Charles David wedges (on Bluefly!)
Necklace: F21 pearl drop necklace

Rain, rain, come back!

... sooooo totally NOT like me to say that. I hate the rain. But when I received a huge package in the mail on Thursday, courtesy dav Rain, I was counting down the days until Dallas sees a downpour again. I have hesitated on buying rain boots because, frankly, I think most of them are rather hideous. It's hard to be a "shoe girl" and wear rain boots since they're usually so clunky, unfashionable and blah. But I knew I wanted a pair, not just for practicality but because the adorable Brits at the 2009 Glastonbury festivals looked so darned cute in 'em!

I think I found my answer.

dav's rainboots are so cute! They carry not just a ton of color/pattern options, they also carry tons of styles (I had a hard time not getting some of the rain flats). And not only that, but you can get rain-proofed purses, umbrellas and luggage, too. It's a one-stop shop for rain gear. Yay! They were awesome enough to let me pick out a pair of boots and my fave accessory, so here's what I got:

(Holy hair!!)

These are the English Floral Sky Blue boots. Oh so cute! And check out those adorable little birds on the umbrella! I didn't want to open it in the house, 'cuz, well you know.  As for the product, I think they looked exactly the same in the product pictures and no surprises, which is  nice to find. The material is made of a very sturdy but still movable material, and the best part? They're lined with a super-soft and comfy fleece. So my feet will be dry and cozy. The foot-bed is padded for extra comfort, too. Overall, a great product and I recommend if you're still looking for rain boots or need a new pair. (p.s.: the umbrella seemed pretty sturdy and went up and down rather easily, but time will tell as always!) Thank you, dav!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a little slip up...

As I've already revealed on my Twitter feed... I did something very, very bad. Here is a picture of my little slip-up:

Anthro's Immutable Jacket, on sale for $40, in blue

To be honest, it wasn't even a matter of "strength." It was sheer logic that led me to realize the following things:

1. This would be sold out pronto. And I haven't seen it in stores since the Fall.
2. It was $40!! That is cheap.
3. It will be great for chilly Vegas nights.
4. There was free shipping. Free shipping!

And let me tell you, I've said no to other things in the past 4 weeks! Lots of things! But it would have been plain dumb to pass this up, right?

(Ooops. I'm a bad, bad Justine. Sorry. :-\)

I'll be back later with a little product review that I'm quite excited about. Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

OOTD: Real vs. Fantasy.

I feel like I can be rather misleading here on Fetching Fashions. That is, with my outfit posts. Some of them I really did wear that day! (like here) while others are more of what I would wear if dress code and appropriateness weren't a thought (umm like here). I used to only post pics of what I was actually wearing back when I didn't have a tripod and took my photos in the bathroom at work. But you could never really see the outfit and the pics were super-bad, so the tripod came along. But all that made me wanna do is play dress up. Which is all well and fine! And it's not that I wouldn't/don't wear these dress-up outfits. It's more that they're what I wish I could wear whenever I please... like fantasy outfits! (hmm... that sounds a little rated-R. Not meant to be, p.s.)  So today, I'll post two outfits: what I really wore, and then what I wanted to put on and prance around town in. I might start making this a feature to get the best of both worlds-- you can see how I dress on a hum-drum weekday aaaand my fun inspirational outfits. Yay!!

Oh. and I'll try to keep at least one element from the reality outfit to transition to the fantasy outfit. Kinda like an "inspired by" thing.


Top: F21 ruffle top
sweater: F21 bow cardigan
Jeans: Hudson triangle pocket bootcuts
Shoes: Liliana bow pumps


 Top: F21 ruffle top
Jacket: F21 Articulate Jacket
Skirt: Rebecca Taylor Cheetah skirt
Shoes: Michael Kors cage sandals
Necklace: Free People

p.s.: hair appointment made for April 11th. so far away....