Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey Anthro Lovers?

(haaaa-- Chlo-sters, GMTA. Srsly. Check out her post on the same topic here!)

Here's another crazy installment of Budget Busters VS. Stylish Substitutes.

Did anyone out there miss out on Anthro's Burlapp Boutonniere Dress? (seen in that pic right at the top of this page...) If so, check out this ModCloth lookalike for a mere $54! Eeep! I love these colors, too, by the way...

How ridiculously similar is this dress to the Burlapp version?! Wow. Almost feel like calling a trademark lawyer. But I won't because this is too cute for the law to get involved. :)

Oh, and don't forget about the blog sale (yeah, yeah) and that $5,000 giveaway I mentioned a few days ago. There is still a lot of time left to win!


  1. LADY YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I just posted about this dress. LOL!

    I have a feeling if we ever met and went shopping together, we'd totally spend the entire time grabbing the same things and then fighting over it, huh. :P

  2. Well Chloe and Justine, great minds think alike.
    I cannot believe this dress, really, it is totally a copy of the Boutonniere Dress. Tempting...

  3. omg and its already out of stock! It is super cute too!