Friday, January 1, 2010

What I wore...

Happy 2010, lovies! Hope you all had tons of fun. My evening was... interesting. We went to a local bar to celebrate and a Beatles cover band played four sets of Beatles songs. Don't really know why we didn't think of this before, but when we got there, the average age was probably around 55. The best part about it was that these were no typical middle-agers, no no. They were rowdy. I was even sacrificed to a very large, scary oldie by my husband for a dance. There may be imaged evidence of this somewhere. Anyway, it ended up be a fun night, loaded with champers, singing, dancing (with and without creepy men), and even an engagement (they met at the Paul McCartney concert four months prior. Precious). I've only got a few pics of my outfit, as it became very difficult to snap photos with company at the apartment before hand...

Dress: Rodarte for Target Leopard print dress (I just love this thing)
Necklace: Free People (in red hue here)
Shoes: oh, you know.
Hair: colored and cut by Aveda Institute's finest 18-year-old stylist who loved Lady Gaga as much as I do (thanks for the suggestions, all! I am happy with my first attempt at Aveda Institute)

Oh... and a little fun with my friend, T:

(p.s.: T is rockin' Banana Republic's Tiered pleated dress, cutes!)


  1. that dress looks great on you. I'm also glad to hear the Aveda Institute stylist worked out! Your hair looks great!

  2. Eeek! Your hair turned out *GREAT*! And I just love that dress on you, squish.

  3. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

    You fantastic in the Rodarte dress. Sounds like a fun time.

  4. LOVE the dress. Gives you some major curves, Guuuurrrrlllll. ;) Hot mama!

  5. isn't that the funnest (i know that is not a word!) dress ever!?? I love it!!

  6. That dress was amazing and I have worked up courageousness for the Aveda institute. New uear equals new budgets.