Monday, January 25, 2010

OOTD: the cure for the common block

I'm having a blogger's block today. I just can't decide what to post on... that's why you get to see what I wore to work today. Yay! No thought required. :)

Blazer: eShakti custom tailored jacket
Top: F21 teal ruffle front tank
Skirt: F21 leopard print pencil skirt
Shoes: Steve Madden Tristanos
Necklace: F21 teardrop necklace (the Anthro copycat)
Purse: Coach circa 2007?

Don't usually do the purse-thing in the photos (mostly because I am a strange girl and really don't have a "purse thing"), but I figured it's the pop of color I need to add to these OOTD posts, and hell, I never have anything to do with my hands except for placing them upon my hips like I (and everyone else) always seem to do. Oh, wait, still some arm-to-hip placement in the last one. Oh well. :)

Also, I've put most of my items from the blog sale up on eBay. Didn't seem to get the interest I hoped for, so I suppose it's the tried-and-true method for me from now on. Just in case your interested, my seller name is justinelise. Check it out if you're so inclined!


  1. I love that skirt so much! You are rocking this outfit, I adore it!! :D

  2. cute! I love the ouch of leopard!

  3. Can you post a link to your ebay store? I can't seem to find you on ebay.

  4. I think this is it here, but I'll edit the post and put it there too: