Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday... part deux?

I thought about it long and hard. I said, "Justine? It's a holiday. Indulge."

OK so I didn't really indulge, but I did take advantage of 20% off at a certain unnamed website for a certain someone who may or may not read this blog... and the free shipping at Forever 21.

Listen. I've just about OD'ed on F21. I've spent way too much money there, and it's all because I've been more into quantity over quality lately. (though, see my recent post on how I've been generally impressed with their quality...) I think it's a mixture of a budget and a desire to remake my wardrobe a bit, but I have to quit. For a while, at least. I should be saving up my money for nicer, classic items that are luxe and indulgent. (devil's advocate says: But that's what birthdays and Christmas are for, right?) No no no! Seriously, I'm done. Now. After this order that just went through.

(Is it a little bad of me to be a label-whore? My designer pieces' closet space are getting overtaken by F21 and Charlotte Russe. Ugh.)

At any rate, here is what I couldn't resist. Really, can you blame me?!

Above: Skirt, Satin Zip Skirt, $17.80
Jacket, Sequin 3/4 Sleeve Blazer, $32.80

That jacket is perfect for the relatively low-key holiday events I'll attend this year, and the skirt? Well, 1. It looks good with the jacket, and 2. It's adorable. 'Nuff said.

This is my less idiotic purchase. One of those very practical and classic purchases. So now I can feel a little better. :)

Cyber Monday Madness

Ever since becoming a fashion-blogger, I've discovered the joys of online shopping. Although you'll still catch me at my local mall, if I can get free shipping, you can bet I'll be shopping online. Everything is right at your fingertips! So this cyber monday, I was thrilled to see the sales-- so much better than Black Friday! Yippee!

But. I did control myself sigificantly. I might still make a purchase or two for mom, but for me, I was super-good. Here is my one and only self-indulgent Cyber Monday purchase (which I am pumped about... Oh gahhhh aren't I hilarious?!)

Madden Girl Salza Pump
After the 25% off and a $10 rewards certificate, I scored these for around $20 (but dernit, I couldn't get free shipping!). Seeing as though I've had HORRIBLE luck buying shoes online, I'm surprised I caved, but the reviews were positive and DSW is conveniently located a few miles away in case of return. Plus, I've been eyeing them for months and they are so my style-- animal print AND purple AAAAND flower? Uh huh!
What did you score on this glorious holiday? :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lushious Lacey Love

My holiday traveling is officially over. I had a great time in NJ, but I'm so happy that I don't have to worry about an airport for at least another few months.

I came home to a happy surprise-- my order from Sock Dreams arrived! I took way too long to place an order, but I'm glad I finally did. Anjali, you're my new hero: I'm not sure how I lived life without these thigh-high lace stockings. I'm now a proud owner. My plans for the evening were only an outing to a local Tex-Mex resto, but I decided to debut my beauties anyway. I threw this together in about 5 minutes, but I think I did well... Here's an OOTN!

Top: Free People "Scandalous" Lace top
Sweater: J. Crew's Color Block Cardi
Skirt: F21 bubble hem chiffon skirt
Tights: Sock Dreams! EEEEKKK!
Shoes: Steve Madden taupe suede studded booties
Necklaces: WHBM black layered necklace, from years ago, and some random strand of pearls

It's rare when my outfit is current enough to link things, but tonight it's the case. It's not that I don't buy things (Lord knows I do), but I tend to mix the new with the old a lot... which is probably a good thing. Note: refer to the last picture for the more-accurate color of the skirt. It's definitely teal; not bright blue. Also, after checking out the photos, I realized the shoes weren't working. So I did these instead...

BCBGirls high-heeled oxford booties (circa 2007?)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Twelve By Twelve prettiness

So I recently mentioned I bought the prettiest sweater from Twelve By Twelve (F21) but that it's not yet online. (12/2/09: It's here! And in the pink... I might have to get that one, too heh) I'm seriously in love with it and just had to share it with ya'll. I hope you can find this, because it looks like it should have costed me about $70 more than it did... a sweet price at nearly $30.

The buttons are actually a nice quality. I've said it before and I'll say it again-- F21 is no longer the store that only has things you can wear once. Sure, those are still sold, but I get some major compliments on things that cost me half the price of the usual-suspect retail stores.

However. That being said...

I'm saving my pennies. Yes ma'am.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm thankful....

1. For Thanksgiving-eve flights with 10 people on them. (OMG, NOT KIDDING!)

2. For this.

3. ... and this.

4. For mothers that make enough food to feed a crowd, despite only cooking for 4.

5. Oh hell, why not?

6. For husbands. Just in general... but particularly mine, yes.

7. For the contents of the picture below... nom nom YUM YUM...

Happy thanksgiving to all! And many Bellinis to you, too.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All I want for Christmas is THIS.

There are many other blogs that do a much better job reviewing new Anthropologie items, but I couldn't resist myself here... I WANT THIS DRESS.

Anthropologie's On the Fold Dress
(Im having blogging technical difficulties... and have re-done this post about three times. So Im keeping this short...)
What's that you say? Corey Lynn Calter? A usual suspect. Her frocks are fabulous. The shape of this dress is perfect for so many body-types. The fabric lusters with a silk-cotton blend sheen. The colors are divine. It's a show-stopper, lovies! Too bad my newly implemented (TIGHT) budget will deter me from a purchase at the moment, but if I'm still dreaming about this, it may be in my future. Time will tell... I'll be looking for this at the Anthro near my parents this Friday... and I might take it home with me. When husband isn't looking. (yeah... nice dream, Justine.)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Successful weekend

I know I'm the most fickle person alive... I did not get the LaRok dress. However, I got some fun stuff instead! It was quite successful.

1. A while back, I posted about my disappointment regarding F21's Twist line-- mostly that they didn't sell many of the items I wanted. Fortunately, it appears they kept the line running longer than I expected and stocked several of the things I lamented not seeing initially. Most importantly, they have a version of the necklace I loved!!

This thing is hard to find. The site sometimes has it, and the stores sold it quickly. At least here in Dallas. I got the last one in black in stock (the white is gorgeous, but too similar to the Ranuncula's necklace to buy). OK, so it's not the exact same (the one in the picture must've been the "pilot" version?), but it's still very pretty. It has unfinished fabric edges, though I know some of you don't like that. I do. I think it gives such a handmade look and I love it. Also, the real one isn't as pointed at the bottom; it's more straight across... as you can see below. Oh, and the rhinestones at the center are a nice touch, not to mention a pretty satin ribbon! Such a pretty piece for only $12...

I also got a sweater from Twelve by Twelve that's not yet on the site-- I'll have to do an OOTD with it soon. It is so cute, and like I've been saying a lot lately, does not look like it came from a store meant for tweens. Yeah and two skirts... again, their wonder will only show in an OOTD. (I have a lot of outfits to try on...)

Here is today's OOTD, featuring... drumroll please... The Color Drenched Dress from Anthro! Yippee! I couldn't help myself when I saw it there... all by its lonesome... for 75% off. It's a size too large (2), but nothing a little sweater/belt action can't fix. Or a tailor if I'm so inclined.

Dress: Anthro Color Drenched Dress

Belt: Express oldie but goodie

Cardi: LINE ruffles cardigan

Tights: BCBG cashmere cable knits

Boots: Nine West rugged slouchy boots

Necklace: hell if I know...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Good News/Bad News

... for me, that is. No worries, your lives are not affected.

1. GOOD NEWS: There is a Dallas Etsy Expo today! Yay! I've been wanting to support the local market more lately and have been searching Etsy for Dallas merch but have been a little unlucky. Too many shops! I get overwhelmed. But today, they're all going to be under one little roof. Or big roof. I'm sensing some holiday shopping!

2. BAD NEWS: LuLu's totally sold out of my dress. You know, the "One" to get me over my shoes? One minute it's there, the next its gone. Which is depressing. But, I have my eye on this dress, which will be more than 50% off with a few coupons and sales...

LaRok Blushing Ruffle Dress, originally $198, My price= $84

This is good news, yes... but the price is more than double the original "One." And that pin! Sad... I'm still on the lookout from one of those sites, as the less I spend= the more I can save (to spend later. What? You think I have self-control? HA!). But this is a good alternative, since LaRok is great (I love their dresses), it's a brag-worthy sale, the color is purple (eek and eep!), and I could do a lot with this bay-bah. We shall see, lovies. We shall see.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rodarte for Target Plea

Don't know if any of you have seen this image, but I credit Angelina's Cafe for the preview:

Rodarte for Target, pleasepleaseplease be cute in person. Don't be cheap and gross. I am in love with EVERYTHING IVE SEEEEENNNNN.... please let me spend my money on you with no regrets. I'm not sure I've seen a preview dress for more than $40, which is insane (considering Anna Sui's line was much more expensive). Although it's exciting, it makes me worried about quality, ya know? Though I really would wonder why Kate and Laura would want to put their names on something shoddy. Then again, why any of the past designers would want to put their names to the poor quality that has come through Target's automatic doors is beyond me. This is neither here nor there.... btu still. Please do not disappoint,


A very broke shopper.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sounds like most of you think I should return those shoes (sobbing). Well... ok. You're right. I deserve a shoe that fits, right? Not some pair that will treat me wrong, give me blisters and make me cry. Screw abusive shoes! We independent women don't need them.

And to celebrate my independence from the abusive shoes, this will take it's place. (rebound!) I mean, I think it will... if I do the bad thing of clicking BUY ME NOW.

LuLu's Goodness Me Dress, $35

Goodness me is right, this dress is so great! Here's why it's a perfect buy:
1. Removable pin. That cute little feather and crystal pin can be detached for a more casual look, or if I want to steal it and put it on a blazer with jeans for a little pizaaazzzzz. (jazz hands included)
2. Purple. Plain and simple, it has my favorite color. (with the best accenting colors: grey and silver!) I need more purple in my life; I always need more purple.
3. Hello? It's $35. Getting a dress and a pin for $35 is a steal. Oh, and I'm banned from purchasing anything on my Christmas wish-list (obvi, even though it's a lot harder than it sounds-- hi yes Texture Study dress DO NOT SELL OUT BEFORE HUBBY GETS TO IT THANKS), so I need new obsessions.

I am so over those shoes. Hello, new lovah!

Skirt problem: Solved!

I found a pseudo-solution to the F21 skirts/dresses problem. Get a larger size and wear them on your hips! Genious... (*flips hair*)

Skirt: F21 pink ruffles skirt (here)
Top: Limited black short sleeved turtleneck
Sweater: Juicy Couture ivory cardigan
Belt: Anthro's tea rose (here)
Necklace: strand of pearls from ?
Shoes: Steve Madden slouch boots

I didn't have time to take a full shot this morning, so it's hard to see the whole thing... but you're smart and you get the idea.

Another solution for skirts is always a slip or slip skirt underneath... I am a little sad that this one from Sock Dreams is so short, or else it would be mine in a splity.

How cute would that lace be sticking out from a simple A-line black skirt? Ohhhh love. Maybe a tailor could add length at the top... or maybe I'll just buy it to look at it. Sigh. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've got the leopard flu

Yes, lovies, and it may be fatal. I'm in love with animal print.

It's funny, actually- I used to hate the look. I automatically thought of old women with white-blonde hair 5 inches off their heads, red lipstick on their teeth, and their slip showing at the bottom of their polyester knee length skirt. And proceeded to shudder.

As I browsed through my closet the other day, I realized-- I have animal print in almost every shape and form. A sweater, a jacket, shoes, a skirt, a scarf, a tank top, (a few) dresses... I'm slightly obsessed. And it really can be classy and sophisticated rather than haphazard and sad.

But sometimes I think I'm actually becoming that woman, just with brown hair instead of blonde... I think I'm becoming victim to the power of the animal. I've fallen prey (oh hardy har har!).

Evidence: this look kills me (in the good kind of I DIE way). But I just don't care. I love it.

Torn by Ronny Kobo, $139

What's my sentence, lovies? Should I just resign myself to a lifetime of lipstick stains, hairspray comas and malfunctinoing underpinnings? Or could I pull this off in a sleek, hipster way?

Somehow I think my fate has already been written. And it's not hipster.

(P.S. This is post #100!)

Need advice... stat!

OK lovies... now it's time for you to chime in on what you think (please?). I bought the black Chelsea Crew Nanette-Lepore-look-a-likes from Piperlime and got them yesterday. They are super cute in person! However, the sizing is all off. I knew from other reviews of this brand that the size is funky, so I immediately ordered a 39 instead of a 38, especially since I have a 8 1/4 foot (argh). And... well... they're a hair too small. I blame it on my monkey-long toes and a rounded toe-bed, but that's neither here nor there.

Also... they are not the best quality ever. Obvi. That's what happens when you get $65 shoes I guess, but still. The inside of the rosebud almost looks like it's coming off. It is attached somewhat securely, and I don't run marathons in heels, lets be honest. But I just feel torn between knowing these are not a perfect shoe for me and being in love wiht the style and look. What ever should I do?! Suffer and smile, or wait for "The One" to come around (which, honestly, I'm way too impaitient for. In shoes, at least)?


(an image of the poorly made rosebud)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pop of Peacock

So the last installment of recent ModCloth purchase is featured below. :) I think, overall, I'm generally happy with my first experience with ModCloth. The shoes didn't work, but buying shoes online is always risky... more on that topic tomorrow. At any rate, I think the things I bought were pretty dern close to the pictures and descriptions online. That's about all I ask for from a website. And I'm totally loving this blazer... the color is fantastic.

Top: BCBG silk gold top
Necklace: Charlotte Russe "Fiona Paxton knock-off"
Jeans: Hudson bootcut

And, a good purchase is not complete without adorable details (read: BOWS!)

The pockets are bows! I couldn't get a good back shot, but on the website you'll notice the amazing bow detail at the middle-back! Loveeeeeeeee.

I love the peplum-style; I have a very boyish figure and anything that gives me a little figure or curve is a plus. This jacket flatters for sure. At a mere $44.99, it's worth every penny, and I plan on getting a lot of use out of her. The color, a pretty peacock teal, is bright yet neutral enough to pair with another fun color... you know, for extra drama. Yay drama!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter Wonderland

My fall was great. It marked the start of married life and brought cooler temperatures. But, I have to say, I'm ready for winter. I want the holiday season to begin; I want to gorge on filling foods; I want to smell pine trees when I walk into my apartment; I want to deck the halls; I want to light our "Home For The Holidays" Yankee candle. (best scent EVER.)

And I want to wear this while doing it.

(Just not when we're putting up the tree. Damn pine sap gets everywhere...)

The Verdict...

OK... so first disclaimer: this sweater is not the same one from the website. I didn't see the exact one the website shows (I scoured the racks, even behind other items)-- this was all there was. So in reality, I can't make many judgments on the online version. This one is very similar, but many of the super-pretty details the online one features are missing on the sweater seen below. Also, it's about 5 inches shorter. Which might be preferable to some, but I'd prefer it longer.

Although XS isn't an option, the S fits all right. Especially with a long sleeved shirt underneath. I think I actually liked the black better, even though online I didn't even give the black a second-look. All in all, I definitely didn't purchase the one in the store, but I'm still not convinced I wouldn't like the one featured online. In other words, I still have hope!

p.s.: Didn't try on the sparkly shift, but it was very pretty in person and would look so fun with tights and heels for a party!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tempting... and a little surprising?

Macy's? Sure, your NYC store boasts beauty and allure, but lemme tell ya, folks. No beauty or allure come anywhere near my local Macy's. I actually think it's the smell of that funky Chinese food court restaurant... but I digress. I want the following, Macy's, and I think you should oblige. Merci.

(p.s. I apologize for the picture size, but I had a hard time figuring out where to find a picture of these I could save... click on the links below for better detail!)

INC Fringe Trim Cardi

INC Sleeveless Sequin Stripe Dress
(Hi there, Haute Hippie copy. You are cheaper. I love you.)

Many of you may be thinking, Heellloooo Justine... this is not new news. Macy's roxors! Or whatever... but honestly, I never seem to have luck there. Of course, there is a hefty section of BCBG items, but why shop at Macy's when you can go to one of their many locations in Dallas? So it gets a pass-by. But I think I'm going to make a stop tomorrow and check it out-- see if I can catch these beautes in person. Because that cardiagan has to be mine. Has to be. Stat.

OOTD... on the cheap!

Honestly, it wasn't intentional. It just so happens that the outfit I'm wearing today is less than $150! It sounds somewhat expensive, but when I think about what I wear, I think I normally average a lot more than that. Eeek. Anyway, here she is....

Jacket: F21 "winter white" jacket ($24.80)

Shirt: F21 ($13.80)

Necklace: Francesca's ($18)

Jeans: AE super skinny jeans ($39.50)

Shoes: super-old Gianni Binnis (probably like $60...)

OK so I lied a little. It's $156. Whatever. And who knows! Maybe those shoes were cheaper. Dillards always puts that brand on sale for 40% off. The point is... ok well I'm not sure what the point is here, lovies, but it does remind me that I can make a super-cute outfit out of Forever21 pieces! Yep, that's the point. Even though their skirts/dresses make me look like I'm working a corner, some of their pieces are just dandy. Yep.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beloved acquisition....

I have to credit The Look For Less for this recent buy... I'm so excited to see this in person (and decide whether European sizing is something I can do!)...

Chelsea Crew Bamboo shoe, $65 on Piperlime

I'm sure some of you recognize this rip off, errr... flattering imitation, as a take on Nanette Lepore's beautiful red flowered shoe. The price differential made the decision quite easy for me as to which to choose. I choose the one that doesn't land me in divorce court. :)

Sadly, these shoes came with a price (besides the $65)-- I returned the following because of a poor fit:

ModCloth's Soothing Song Heels, $34

Let's hope the Chelsea Crew's don't meet a similar fate. I'll let'cha know. (I hate my 8 1/4 shoe size!!!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Evil AT&T...

I had plans today, lovies. Those plans were to blog. Those plans were ruined and stomped on by the evil AT&T. Internet is out, and this pretty little iPhone just won't cut it.


Wish me luck with a very angry/frustrated hubby! Heh.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love. U.O. makes a comeback in my book!

Many of you may recognize the name Jane Aldridge-- she blogs on (she lives right by me!) She recently teamed up with U.O. to create a shoe line, and this is my favorite. How pretty are these shoes!? Good job, Jane. Keep it up.

Speaking of Urban Outfitters, I have recently renewed my love. I think the problem I have with the store is the website-- those models just never look quite cute enough to spark the flame of my desire for an item. (Am I the only one that feels they need a site and model overhaul?) Anyway, I went into the store yesterday for fun, and I remembered why I used to love that place. The prices are (usually) right, the items are unique, and hellloooo, it's an Anthro company! I got the cutest leopard (oh god, YES I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM) pastel racerback tank for... get this... FIVE DOLLAHS! I'll pair it with my "winter white" F21 jacket and show ya'll soon. Here are some of my lusts right now...
Sparkly skirt? Oh yesplease.
So versatile!
How elegant... perfect color for an ethereal winter.
(I'll just take this WHOLE OUTFIT THANKS.)
I have an unhealthy obsession with this season's velvet.

Check out their holiday catalog... and you can get 10% off with code Merryhappy!!