Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oxfords, take 1...

As I posed about a while ago, I love the oxford/brogue trend.

(NOTE: The difference between the two is this: Brogues have the characteristic dotted seams and "W" shape on the top; oxfords do not. Mine are technically oxfords.)

I think there are SO many possibilities with these things, and I essentially wear them as flats. Really, could work with a million things I own: jeans and tees (see below), dresses (coming soon, and my personal fave way to wear oxfords/brogues), or tights and a skirt (still working on that one). Hopefully I inspire one or more of you to try this trend, or at least get a better sense of how they can work. If not... well, sorry. Heh.  :)

Shoes: Anthropologie (Sam Edelman) Reptilian Oxfords, $138

After the fact, I added this necklace. It completed the outfit, I think.

Necklace, F21, $6.80

Also, if any of you read my Twitter feed, you'll know I spotted Jane from Sea of Shoes yesterday at Urban Outfitters. I got so star-struck that I couldn't seem to muster up any words to say "Hi." Ugh. So like me... Anyway, she looked fantastic! (and taller than I thought... hmmm...)


  1. I really like the oxfords, I think you rock the look.

  2. Distinctly DesireeJanuary 17, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    I might just be getting those gold oxfords from F21. I'm liking them.

  3. You definately are working the look. they look so cute on you!

  4. J @ The Look 4 LessJanuary 17, 2010 at 10:30 AM

    Wow, I really love them on you (although I'm still not sure I could pull them off). So cute!

  5. yay! They're so cute.

  6. You look luvlee in the tee :-) I like the outfit.

  7. I LOVE THEM!!

  8. I love your shoes!! i am dying to try this trend too!!