Monday, January 4, 2010

Ebay items, check em out!

Well... not mine, but my sister's Ebay items. And she is cute. And we both inherited the fashion gene. :) (she totally got that new Anthro Bougainvillea Cardi for Christmas and now I may or may not be a bit jealous.) So although I've yet to get my Ebaying really going, ya'll should check out my sister's listings. A few goodies include an Anthro military style blazer, Juicy Couture fur jacket, Juicy flats, and more coming. Most (if not all) of these items are with tags, never worn. I kinda want that blazer, actually... :) Check her out, lovies!
Seller info: gtpony2000

Cute! By Priorities


  1. i'm loving the blazer!!! but grrrr too small for me ... i love shopping on ebay. i get excited for the low bids :)

  2. thankkkkkk you Justine i love you! and yes i just posted a few more items and more coming wooh :)