Friday, January 8, 2010

Inspiration Board: WhoWhatWear

I love and read it daily. I usually can find oodles of inspiration and love "shopping their closet." Sigh. Today was no exception-- in fact, it might be the most inspirational one yet! (well, for me at least.)

(Check 'em out directly for a better view of this board-- blogger apparently does not want to upload a decent image. Argh)

This is just the kind of look I want to achieve more often. It's that effortless yet still pulled together look. I rely too much on rosettes, ruffles and sequins to do the talkin', but I really think that truly amazing style doesn't need all that to shine. Instead, the best things are the understated, architectural pieces that invoke an artistic aura. I just wish I had more of this in my closet. (not that I don't love me some sparkle or ruffle, obvi I do, and there is definitely a place for them in every girl's wardrobe!)

Some highlights for me:

1. That F21 leopard top I've been staring at and not buying because of my closet FULL of leopard.

2. That Topshop dress, even if it is maternity.

3. Oh, those shoes. Those Dolce Vita shoes. When will I bite the bullet on them!?

4. The Cynthia Vincent overzised navajo sweater. DIE.

5. The F21 skirt.

Shiiiiz, I'll just take it all, thanks. What are your picks? Do you love this board as much as I do?

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