Thursday, January 28, 2010

Woah, 70% off everything?! and the addition of a rant.

Don't know if you've heard, but Chick Downtown, an online designer boutique, is hosting 70% OFF THEIR ENTIRE STORE. I have a feeling they're going out of business, since it's been months since a new arrival on the site. Anyway. Just a quickie there, and definitely take advantage!!

**QUICK EDIT** Just wanted to let you know after a little research, Yes, CDT is going out of business because of severe debt and very poor CS. So buy with caution if you're going to, and use a credit card so your money will get refunded in the case of some drama. Apparently, there has been a lot of drama, but it might be worth it if you get some designer jeans for 70% off!

**EDIT, AGAIN.** OK. so I've been doing some more research and this story is kinda crazy! Seems as though the owner, Amy Reed, financed this company from her own money and loans, which she was really never able to pay back. I hate to be a bitch right now, and since I'm no business owner and have no experience with this, I may not be qualified to talk here. BUT. It really sounds like Amy, who apparently has a rich husband, needed a hobby and didn't know the first thing about starting a company, causing it to default and her to leave a whole lot of very unsatisfied customers (and, I can imagine, employees). It really makes me angry to see the millions of customers on her facebook wall writing about how they never got their money back on a return, never received their item, etc, all the while she is writing on her blog about fashion trends. WTH? Why are you vacationing in Miami with your MIA nanny when you're a million buckaroos in debt? To me, it says irresponsible and totally without regard for others. The respectable thing to do would be make sacrifies to get yourself out of your debt, keep a low profile, and then when things are looking up, try it again (with lessons learned). Instead, she's blogging about her Nili Lotan trench coat, her hotel giveaway (where is that money coming from?!), and her picks from the Oscars. Dude.

To sum: prolly shouldn't buy anything. Questionable if you'll get your order. Also, I've heard complaints of items not being authentic or misrepresented. Yikes.

OK. I'm off my soap box. Sorry.


  1. I never ordered from Chick Downtown before mostly because I heard about the poor customer service.

  2. Yeah, CDT is bad baaaad news. I was one of the lucky that didn't get totally burned (got a refund after a bunch of prodding emails), but I've heard about so many women who did! That's why I stayed far farrrr away even after their "rehabilitation," crazy 40% codes and sponsoring of only about 500 blogger giveaways. Was not surprised to hear they are out of business at this point...didn't know about Amy Reed's blog on the side though -- craziness!

  3. Chickdowntown is sketchy sketch!

  4. wow! thanks for the insight. I've never purchased from the site but might have been lured in with the sale.
    I love that you have sandals on...i wish i could wear sandals but it's 0 degrees this morning and probably not wise! :)

  5. Yikes! I had no idea all of this unhappiness brewing under the happy online shopping exterior. She even did a few giveaways on other blogs, too! What a shame!