Monday, December 7, 2009

OOTD: Thinking warmer thoughts...

I chose to live in Dallas because it's warm, not because it's similar to a meat freezer. OK, so it's not that bad (and I actually didn't choose to live in Dallas for that reason, whatevs), but I am definitely sick of this weather. I can't handle the cold (I think I was always meant to live in the South), so I've been thinking warmer thoughts lately. You know the thoughts. Where bare legs don't only mean the place you'll get frostbite. It may feel like it's in the 20's outside, but in my apartment, it's a balmy 70. (against the will of husband-dearest)--

Dress: LaRok "Call of the Wild" Dress
Jacket: Vision in Viridian Blazer (ModCloth)
Necklace: F21 pretttyyy
Belt: Antho Tea Rose belt
Socks: Nordstrom (Hue?) thigh-highs, rolled down
Shoes: Steve Madden shimmery bow pumps

I'll be playing with Picnik this week on my photos, so stay tuned for lots of OOTD's and some interesting effects. This is a part of my decision to make this blog a little prettier. I have to work with what I got (i.e. not so great camera), but I'm making a concerted effort to get better lighting, better background scenery, and better photo-editing. The prior two goals will be easier achieved when the weather gets better (outdoors shots!) and when I get a tripod. So hang tight, lovies!


  1. I'm in Canada and I feel the exact same as you. Even though I am in SOUTHERN Ontario, it's still fridig cold and I'm always bitter because my nose, feet and hands are constantly freezing. No matter the time of year. I think I was supposed to be born in Florida or something... :(

  2. I live in Chicago, have my whole life, and I'm still not used to the freezing cold!
    You look fabulous today Justine. I love the knee socks, and tell me how I can get my hands on those awesome shoes please! :-)

  3. Canada! I would freeze my tooshie off. I still want to visit, though-- never been! You should come to the nice warm state of Texas. Well, *usually* warm. :)

  4. :( Sad face, because those shoes are like 2 or 3 years old. If it makes you feel any better, they are the most uncomfortable things ever! haha... this is why I wear them in blog photos and not much else. teehee...

  5. Love the belt! Cute outfit. And agree with Kim, how can we get those shoes??? :)

  6. Love Love Love the outfit...
    One of my favorites!

  7. DUDE. SRSLY. IT'S LIKE -2 HERE. I have no sympathy for you. :D

    (But I know- I'm also meant for warmer climes, and Husband constantly promises that someday we'll move to somewhere warm and awesome. Someday.)

    Great outfit and I love the belt- I ordered it and have it coming my way 'cuz of you. :D

  8. You've got me there, woman. And this might sound sick, but I get a little excited when I suck someone else into the black hole of obsessional shopping. Teehee :)