Sunday, December 27, 2009

OOTD: Rosey hues

You may be seeing many an OOTD this week. Here are the reasons why:

1. I have this entire week off from work, paid vacation. I'm jealous of myself.

2. I have a tripod. I like it.

3. My time off will allow me to take pictures when there is light outside.

4. I have a lot of cute new things I'm excited about.

5. Photoshop is my lover. (even though I'm still learning how to use it)

I am pretty excited about this outfit. As I put it on, I realized it is very Kim a la Anthroholic. Well, minus the animal print and boots. Otherwise, very her. :)

Dress: Anthro's Bold Boutonniere Dress
Cardi: J. Crew's Rose Corsage Cardi in buff (color not online, in stores only)
Belt: Rodarte for Target Bow Belt (grey leopard; as far as I know, the yellow leopard was almost not available)
Shoes: Go Jane booties in grey
Earrings: Francesca's, long long time ago.

Let me say how much I love this cardigan and especially in this color. It's the perfect "nude" for my skin tone. Although the roses don't stand up as much as the site shows them, they seem to still create a great ruffle. Gigi did a review on this, too, but I get the sense we have a different opinion on this cardigan. Maybe I'm wishing for Spring with this outfit, but I don't care. The airiness makes me happy. So there. :)


  1. Awww, I'm flattered Justine :-) You look adorable and I would wear that outfit! I even like the animal print belt!

  2. So very cute! I'm not huge on animal print, but the belt looks great with the dress!

  3. I LOVE this outfit. It looks devine on you! I'm even MORE happy that I bought the booties today, seeing how you've styled them with the dress. Waiting with anticipation to see all of the pics this week!

  4. Thanks, Kim! Slowly, I will change you into an animal print lovah... haha :)

  5. Thanks! I thought it was a subtle touch, although if I lacked restraint I would have put a lot more on this outfit, haha

  6. Thank you! I'm pumped (no pun intended) you got them. I just love them, and yes, I think there are a lot of options in terms of styling them. Dresses and pants alike!

  7. Justine, love love the Anthro dress! So cute how you paired it with the gray booties, very chic!! Oh and the sweater is daaarling.


  8. absolutely LOVE this outfit! is the cardigan still available? I love it! Love the white top too! looking forward to more OOTD posts from you :)

  9. Very cute! I'm curious to know what color nail polish you have on your tootsies. I love dark, fun colors for winter and the photos you took are showing up as a very cool purple.

  10. I want to say it's OPI's Purple With A Purpose. It's definitely OPI, but I picked it out at my salon (not one I own). It is a very cool, dark purple, with a hint of shimmer. I'm actually tempted to go back and buy it because it really is an amazing color!

  11. Thank you! and yes; the cardi is J. Crew's Rose Corsage cardigan, here:
    The color I'm wearing is not available online, but I seriously want that mustard color... purrrtey. :)

  12. thanks, chica! I just love that dress, and the husband likes is so much he has an opinion on it! haha... I know he likes something when he actually says something about it. :)

  13. LOVE the belt over the cardigan, and the entire outfit. and the idea that you took these yourself- SKILLS!
    gorgeous blogg!

  14. LOVE this outfit! and those booties! I was contemplating on buying them from gojane, wasnt sure how comfy they were!...

  15. Love this outfit! That J Crew sweater is just too cute.