Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Oh, lovies. This is the time of the year I feel sentimental (which is weird because I'm not very sentimental). I wish you all the merriest, happiest, prettiest, whiteist-Christmasiest holidays evah. Fo' realz.

My posting may be sporadic in the next two days (family all day tomorrow, and after-Christmas sales beckon on Saturday). I'm pretty darn excited though, 'cuz I'll have some fantabulous things to share, like my holiday loot and some OOTD photo upgrades (got both a tripod AAANNNDDD Photoshop to make this bloggy-blog that much better!). I can't wait to check out your new scores from gifts and sales, too! I'll leave you with this:
(My Paint skillllz are insane, right?!)

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