Thursday, December 17, 2009

Spotlight on: Francesca's Boutique

In a usual online-browsing-spree, I stumbled across Francesca's new arrivals. It seems they've really amped up their offerings for the Holidays! I liked so many of the choices that I decided to do a spotlight on the site and offer up what I think are some of the cutest, and most affordable, Christmas/NYE ensembles out there!

(One word of frustration-- many of the necklaces seen on these dresses are not available online, and I'm not sure they're even offered in the stores. Too bad, too, because they paired them very well!)

First up is the Golden Years Dress, which is actually what got me started on my lusting! How pretty are the colors and the ruffles on this assymetric dress? (and that necklace! ohhh!)

Next, I totally love the Company Party Dress. I suppose that's what it would be great for, but I also see this baby pairing well with tights and a cardigan for a more low-key look. A small busted girl like me loves the gathered top. Nice.

I'm a suckah for chiffon and anything tiered, so this Les Femmes Dress has caught my eye in a serious way. The print is a cute, abstract art pattern and again, will transition nicely into more casual wear. Score!
Don't do dresses? Sick of me always talking about dresses? Sorry. I like this top a lot, too. :)

Preeeeettties! And seriously, if you can/if there is one near you, drop by their store. Their online selection is never as good as in the boutique itself, so I'll bet there are some great jewels and baubbles just waiting to be snagged.


  1. OMG! I just blogged about Francesca's too! Crazy!

  2. That first dress is gorgeous!!!

  3. Pretties! And I love that blouse -- wish it were still in stock in my size! Alas.

  4. I love the first dress and the handbags are adorable.