Monday, December 7, 2009

Crackle metallic heels

For the ladies who inquired about my shoes... I hate to say these are pretty old! They were Steve Madden from several seasons ago, bought at Nordstrom. (I'm unsure of the style name or number, too) The only slightly-similar shoes I could find were the J. Crew crackle metallic heels, on sale in limited sizes (from Fall 09). Crackle metallic is so fun, but oddly not produced enough. I wish I could have found a substitute for you, but I came up short. Sorry, lovies. :(


  1. Thanks for checking!

  2. I found these...

    I wonder how comfy Jessica Simpson shoes are?

    I like em...

  3. Nice find! I've tried the brand on before and have been happy-- I bet they're just fine comfort-wise. I think I actually have a pair of hers too, but I can't remember... thanks for the info!!!

  4. Ohh boo Justine - I want your shoes!
    ChasingDavies - I have a few pair of JS shoes and they're pretty comfy!