Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Back to school, back to school...

Oh boy do I wish. I'm in the process of applying right now (10 schools, all across the damn country) and crossing my fingers that this will be my lucky year. Unlike many others, I love school. I love having weird schedules, deadlines, and throwing myself into small details and big pictures. In honor of my application process, here's a "school" inspired OOTD... (by the way, totally lovin' that faded border on Picnik!)

Dress: Anna Sui for Target

Cardi: Banana Republic, several years ago

Belt: The Limited (practically vintage. Yeah sure, it's vintage.)

Necklace: WHBM

Earrings: I wish I wore jewelry from this century. God knows.

Knee highs: same as yesterdays, just pulled up all the way

Shoes: Michael Michael Kors mixed metals platform pumps

Glasses: coke bottle lenses.

Little known fact: I'm legally blind. Seriously. The worst vision ever. I have been in contact lenses since I was about 9 and haven't turned back since. But sometimes, it's fun to wear glasses, and they were totally appropriate for the outfit. And although this dress is way too short to be wearing to classes, I think I'd make a hot librarian, if I do say so myself, uh huh. :)


  1. Those knee-highs and that dress look SO cute together!

  2. Haha, you are wearing that Anna Sui for Target dress like I never could! You look fantastic, love the styling :) And I love your glasses -- I've embraced my nerdy frames completely after abandoning contacts for good in HS...too much hassle for me! I am lazy :)

  3. Love it! Oh, how I wish I would have snagged that dress.

    And isn't Picnik so fun?

  4. love the outfit! i have the same dress - i loved the anna line haha. excited to see rodarte!