Friday, December 25, 2009

I'm on the lookout...

As materialistic and shallow as this sounds, one of my favorite things about the holiday season is the ACS (code: after-Christmas sales). Usually, I'm in NJ with the fam shoppin' at the King of Prussia in PA (hollah! wish I could be there with you this year!), but I'll be at Northpark instead. Which will be just fine with me. Here are some stores and items I'm on the lookout for come tomorrow (sales or no sales)--

Although that first pick isn't a newbie, I've come to realize my need of the Flipside Blazer. I see it in the stores and always love it, but haven't yet tried it. Tomorrow will be my day...
Free People:
The first skirt (Summer in the City Skirt) is so pretty in person. Love. The middle skirt (Ruffled Tiers Skirt) is rather barf-tastic in the hot pink, but is insane in the mauve (works double time as a tube top, short skirt or long skirt!). The last dress has been spotted on a few blogs and is so much prettier in person. Let's hope one of these three things ends up on sale...

I lurve this Weston Wear top; I'm surprised Anthro didn't pick it up. The colors are so pretty! There will be no sale here (a new item, and Nordies never likes to put new things on sale). But still. A possibility!

Urban Outfitters:
I still want this Lucca Couture dress. Still. I think UO already announced its sale (50% off all sale! yay!), but again, here's to hoping.

Ann Taylor:
Umm... how crazy pretty are these new arrivals? The statement pendant necklace is so awesome, and would be about $45 on sale. Sigh. Plus that gorgeous chartreuse color on the ruffled top? So pretty. Chloe, stop posting all the time about AT because I now check it frequently and my bank account is pissed at you. :-P

Forever 21:
Surprisingly, my wishlist is rather bare at F21 right now, but this skirt is top on my list. With a few gift cards in tote, I'll be a "Forever-twenty-oned" clad woman soon. Not that I'm not already. But still.
Happy holidays, and happy shopping to all tomorrow! Hope you score well, online or at the mall. :)


  1. Hope you had a Merry!!!
    Too bad you weren't in NJ...we have lots and lots of snow to play in!!!

    Although, didn't you get some too!

  2. Have fun out there! Love the Nordy top, in particular. The UO dress is also divine.

  3. we did get snow! It was crazy... a white Christmas. :) Hope you had a merry Christmas, too!

  4. thanks, Gigi! I had a great time. Too much fun, actually. hehe Merry Christmas to you!