Monday, December 14, 2009

Beer + cheese = deliciousness

I was arm-twisted (heh) into going to a beer/cheese tasting tonight at a local bar. I have a very refined cheese palate... in other words, I'll eat eat. I'll eat the shit out of it. Also, beer. I'm good at drinking it. Uh-huh yep yep. This is what I decided one should wear when trying to appear like I'm not wearing clothes that allow for bloat but still wearing clothes that allow for bloat.

(I didn't crop Santey Clause out of it this time... cute.)

Top: J Crew Florence Tee
Jacket: Charlotte Russe military blazer (like here)
Scarf: EPIC apparel (where I used to work; check it out!)
Jeans: AE super skinnies
Earrings: gifted... I think.

I don't usually go so "steel blue," but I thought it worked. It needs a pop of color with some heels/purse action. OK... now I'm off to accessorize. And feast. :)


  1. You must try Cheddar Beer Soup! Best of both worlds! :)

  2. Aww, and you STILL look darling.

    I definitely love me some cheese. I eat cottage cheese dumped on anything and everything and it complete grosses Husband out. Pffft.


  3. You look GREAT! Love your sparkly J.Crew shirt, so fun :) And haha, I'm the same way about cheese. Mmm...

  4. haha... I'm gross cuz I like the stinky stuff, the kinds that smell like your feet after the gym. Yum :)

  5. Ive had it, and yes, good pick! heh :)

  6. I'm happy to know I have some fellow cheese lovahs around here! thanks gal ;)