Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wishlist: updated...

My husband remarked yesterday that no matter how much I want something, a day later, something else makes my wish list. Which is sorta true... I think what he doesn't understand is that while I continue to love the item I initially wanted/got, I begin loving something else in addition. But there is room in my heart for alllll items. Awww... I'm so loving. :-P

Here are some things my heart desires... while still leaving "love-room" for the things in my closet:

Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent
I'm so smitten with this pastel dress. I would wear it so infrequently, but it would be a special day when it debuted!

Bellatrix Printed Chiffon Top
This looks 100 times better in person, and it is so absolutely me. The colors, pattern, and soft, flowy fabric are ideal qualities in clothes for my taste. With jeans or a high waisted pencil skirt, it's a winner, for sure!

Go Jane purple rosette suede pumps
Another "me" item... and look at the peep of animal print on the heel! Eeeeeekkk!!

Forever 21 Rose print dress
Love by YAYA did a dress super-similar to this last year and I lusted after it for a while, eventually deciding the bodycon thing is not useful... but I think I've changed my mind. Yoink!

Anthro's Converging Roads Sweater Dress
Simple but so cozy. Every time I see it in the store, I have to touch it and look at it for a minute. I haven't pulled the trigger yet... but I can imagine it being a go-to comfort dress, totally!

Victorian Vintage Ribbon Multi-Strand Necklace (by designer135)
Oh boy, the love affair with Etsy continues. So pretty, and I love thinking that I'm getting something made from love and one of a kind.

A smattering of selections indeed, but I think I'm noticing that pastel-based theme continuing here... hmm.... I forsee my Spring wardrobe looking like the Easter bunny threw up on it. Let's hope that works out for the best.

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  1. LOL, I am the exact same way, infinitely adding things to my wishlist. It's not our fault, there are so many pretty things out there!

    That necklace is seriously stunning btw!