Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lusting for Leopard-- a fashion-find

I understand that many people do not like animal print. And in a post not too long ago, I revealed my premonition about becoming a spinstress decked in head-to-toe leopard print. Yet, I still have a serious addiction to it. Serious. I was at my tailor today (last minute alterations before NYE'10) and both pieces were leopard print. Although the girl next to me said, "Cute!", her eyes told me the truth. YOU THINK I'M TACKY.


Because of this particular problem, I saw this and "eeeppped!" a little. Actually, a lot.

Gianni Bini Zahara Dress: $44.40

You may not agree, but I actually think animal print can be classy and elegant. And it's something that never seems to go out of style. This dress has got that element of timelessness that I adore. For $44.40? Yes, please, thanks.

Don't get me wrong, though. Leopard has a fine line. And when it goes bad, it's nasty. Here's my proof, and my desire to show you that I'm not crazy and I'm really just like the rest of you: I believe there are some things that should never, ever, EVER leave a fabric store.

Audrina Patridge? Is that you!? No, no... but seriously. NO.

Although I've been tempted to give some leopard leggings a try, this is not what I had in mind.

I don't care if you're single and never want to be married-- these are not even appropriate for the sheets to see.

Babies, seriously. What were you two...?... oh no, wait. THIS IS FRIGGIN' ADORABLE.


  1. I have a b&w zebra print sweater from Club Monaco from 2 summers ago, and I still love it and wear it all the time. I love animal print, when it's done right :)

  2. OMG lol great post on the limits of leopard!!! love it!

  3. haha, i love leopard too!! my friends give me a hard time over the amount of leopard print in my closet, but i think it can be fine. depends how you wear it. your suggestions are so true.

    and i think u should try the dress. it's so cute!

  4. I'm trying to get the leopard out of my system so I'm not That Old Lady. Have all the fun now, right? *lol*