Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sale? How's about full price!

Ha! I'm a ballah! That's why!

(Yeah, kay, I'm kidding here. Just so you know. I'm no ballah. I'm more square, if anything.)

But I have to say, today's Anthro sale wasn't my cup of tea. Nothing was marked down low enough for me to really think twice about. HOWEVER. Their new Spring arrivals (!!) were definitely more my speed. Here are three things I spotted in the store, not yet online...
I'm not lying when I say I will and must have this skirt. I'm in an XS here. I wish the pictures did more justice, but this simple but beautiful skirt was so wearable... and maybe even doable now through the Spring. I forget the brand (no one I knew readily), and it retails for $128. It's made of pretty silk, and the draping down the front is just perfect.

This little Spring jacket was by Elevenses and was made of a brocade-type material. So pretty, too! I didn't capture it, but the back has a little bow (Aww!). The first picture kinda shows the sheen of the fabric, but it's beautiful in person. It was a 0 and pulled slightly at my ribcage.
Maybe a 2 could have worked as well. I believe this also retails around $128.

This sweater was very cute when I saw it laying on the table. Really, it's a bit too "sweet" for me, but I had to try it on for the colors and ruffles. The print is sort of floral and is a screen print. I think one could even get away with some thick leggings underneath, as it covers the target areas. I'm a bad reviewer-- I forget who made this or the price, but I recall it being over $100 (probably around that typical $128 range). I'm sure these will pop up online after the holidays.

But seriously, that skirt?
Too many decisions... this, this or that skirt?!

On another note, these came in the mail today:
GoJane Peep-toe Booties in Grey

Yay for shoesies! And packages in the mail! And Christmas! And After-Christmas-Sales! (where I buy one of the three items above...)


  1. That floral skirt is stunning! I love the drape on you! What was the price? Or did I completely miss that...

  2. Thanks! It's $128. So a little on the pricy-side, but it's just so puuurrrdy and it might be worth it...

  3. Yep, the sweater is amazing in person, I can attest to that. I walk by it every now and then and just sort of stare.... Yep, I've got an Anthro problem and am doing nothing to fix it.

  4. absolutely love your new shoes!

  5. thanks! I love them, too. Hehe... pretty nice for the price, too!

  6. haha, I know, you're always posting Anthro outfits! It's a problem that reaaaaally isn't a problem per se, right? hehe

  7. DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY need that Elvenses coat. Hopefully my store will get it (or it'll pop up online soon!).

  8. I love that skirt too! It looks fantastic on you!

    It's been on the website for a couple of days and is called the "From Monet" skirt. It's by Dolan, here's the style# 920118.

  9. oh wow, thanks! I must have missed it... good to know, just in case my store sold the XS between yesterday and Saturday :)

  10. im obsessed with that floral ruffly sweater its soooo cute!

  11. I just found your blog via Kim at Anthroholic. Love it! I have a question about the Go Jane booties, which I love. Are they comfie?

  12. glad you found me! :) They are actually superbly comfortable... I wore them walking around the mall yesterday. I recommend, although as a disclaimer, I must say you never know how they'll work on another foot! I bought an 8 1/2 (I'm an 8 1/4 and usually sizing up to the 1/2 works for me) and fits well.