Tuesday, December 8, 2009

F21 arrivals aaaaand DSW shoes...

I love getting packages in the mail, even when I know the contents. I received my F21 items and the MaddenGirl shoes from DSW today. Yay! I was so excited, I just had to show you, mes lovies. So I played a little dress-up when I got home from work today. I'll provide some reviews, too. First up is the Rose Print Skirt from the new Tres Paris Twist Line (out of stock online).

I bought this before it was actually a part of the collection-- seems like they accidentally released this, then took it off the site, then re-released it. Whatever-- I got it, that's all I care about. And I'm in love. Again, bought a Medium instead of Small so I could wear it a little lower, and it worked marvelously. The colors are super pretty, and I can't wait to pair this with some patterned tights. Me likey.

I paired the shoes with it, too, as you can see. Here's a close up of those:

These fit well and look so much better than their $40 pricetag (aaaand I scored 'em for $30!!). The purple is more like a burgandy, but no matter. It's hard to tell, but there's also an architectural-type platform... just adorable. One word: having long toes makes 'em feel a little scrunched, but no pain no gain, right?

And of course, the sequined jacket (also sold out online):

This blazer is great to dress up a casual outfit, and I'm sure would look similarly fab-oo with an LBD. I shouldn't be expecting amazing quality, but I did hope it would be a little more substantial, a little more structured in the shoulders. It's rather thin and unstructured, though. I'm still happy and think it's a great piece for $30ish.

Overall, my buys were a success. Chalk it up to another successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday. :)


  1. GORGEOUS!! I love love love the skirt. And the shoes.

    I just got the sweater I ordered from F21... love it!

  2. Eeeek! Great stuff, great stuff, great stuff! I love the sequin jacket, wow- and I completely overlooked it when it was online. It fits you a tee, hun.

    And the shoes! I NEEEED THEM!

  3. I'm so in love with that skirt. I'm so upset its sold out!

  4. Love the shoes and sequin jacket...
    Who cares if something like that jacket is "good" quality?
    You will most likely look at it at some point and say,"What was I thinking?"
    Enjoy it now!

  5. I hate thinking about possible fashion faux-pas... I can only hope I'm doing it ok, but I suppose somewhere in there those trends will get to me! hehe...

  6. I love those shoes. Tell me about that jacket in the first pic. I love it!!!

  7. Well, I got it about three years back at Nordstrom T.B.D.(label Symmetry?)... but the velvet look is back in style this year and I'm pretty excited about it! You can see an assortment of velvet blazers at http://www.shopstyle.com/browse?fts=velvet+blazer
    ... although I'm not sure about one with the same details as mine.

  8. Hot to trot! Your pieces look so great. I love the sequin jacket. Have seen it in person. Werkit!

  9. I didn't mean it is a mistake - it is so "on" right now...but will it always be?
    I think it is something that will come and go, so wear it up now! Then tuck it away - but you will pull it back out again someday!

  10. Glad you like your shoes! I kept mine anyway because I really wanted to wear them to a party the next night, and I didn't want to send them away and wait for a new pair! Silver stains be damned. They ended up looking really cute and I have gotten a ton of compliments as well. Gotta love DSW!

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