Sunday, December 20, 2009

My roots...

In my effort to get back to my roots ("edgy with a touch of feminine glamor"-- I made that up. Nice, huh?!), I'm re-vamping my shoe wardrobe. Shoes can transform ALL outfits-- jeans and a tee with some insane shoes make you instantly glamorous. One of my favorite go-to edgy shoe brands is Dolce Vita. I discovered their fantastic 30% off sale this afternoon (valid through Christmas day) while browsing. Oh man... these are what my dreams are made of. Here are my picks!

This YSL tribute shoe is to die for, and with discounts is a not-so-shabby $116. So doable! The five-inch heel? Slightly more tricky.

These look like a blooming flower in person (they were right next to my new Steve Maddens in the store). That is, if flowers were made of fine leather and zippers. Oh! and approximately $70. Nice.
I've seen these on several bloggers-- very pretty.

Dolce Vita Josey boot
I adore these. Just adore. A true statement piece!

Check 'em out, lovies! And use code "Holiday."


  1. Ooh, I love those boots. What a great deal. I'll add the info to a post.

  2. I loooove the Josey boots- I had been eyeballing them on *grabby hands*

  3. I love the first and last pair and have been eying them all season! I'm hoping the platform of the first pair will make the 5 inch heel not so bad...

  4. Those zipper boots are too chic!!!

  5. both the boots and the booties (and, ok, the other two shoes as well) are fantastic! Actually, I pretty much NEED the booties now I think.

  6. I'll take the black ones and the studded ones thank you very much!

  7. Love them all, especially the Trinity pumps. Good thing my size is not available as I have spent too much on shoes already this year!