Monday, December 7, 2009

Pining for Pastel

I wear a lot of neutrals. I think this is because I know I can do a lot with them, but I've lately been dreaming of softer days. Something ethereal and dreamy, ya know? For example, RforT's baby blue lacey dress... which may hit my store a few days before the 20th (eek and eep!). Until then, here's what I'll be dreaming about! (please don't yell at me regarding the amount of picks from a recently-banned-from-my-reach F21. Please?)

Forever 21 Sequin Bow cardi

Forever 21 Chiffon tiered top (Boutique Line)

Forever 21 Tiered Chiffon Woven Top

J. Crew Ruffles and Roses Tank

Free People Shine on Ruffle Bottom Tube Skirt

Great thing is, most of these items are about $50 or below (the last skirt is about $58), which puts them in my reach. Maybe they won't be relegated to la-la-land?
(Side note: any F21 buys will mean I'm be going back on my "word" regarding F21 pieces. It just sucks that they've done so freeeeeekin' well lately! Argh! If it's too expensive, I don't buy it; too cheap and I shun it. Damned if I do, damned if I don't. What's a fashion-luster to do?)


  1. I have an irl pic of the pink sequin cardi. I'll try to drop a post in a couple hours.

  2. I tried on the pink cardi, it was cute but the fabric was kinda cheap to me. I love the tiered blue blouse, it's lovely!