Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday OOTDs and my ACS scores!

Hi lovies! Hope you're all recovering from food/drinks/shopping. I know I still am. I thought I'd share my Christmas outfit, ACS shopping outfit and what I got today. I'm rather excited about my newest closet additions, and most of them were a departure from my initial shopping lookouts.

Here's what I wore on Christmas: the Texture Study dress (thanks, Husband!), a Limited cropped cardigan, Juicy Couture tights, Chinese Laundry shoes and a ModCloth necklace (another present from the hubs, picked it out all by himself. Good job.)--

Taken at MIL's house with the new tripod. I love that thing... going to make my life a whole lot easier.

So I was very pleased to see that most stores had decent sales going today. One of the best ones was Banana Republic's 50% off already reduced merch until noon. Thank God I went to bed early last night. I also took advantage of J. Crew's final sale (extra 30% whereas it's only 20% online) and Urban Outfitter's 50% off sale. LOFT and Ann Taylor were also doing sales, and I even saw my beloved chartreuse top and pendant necklace... but I refrained. Since they're new arrivals, I think I can get away with waiting. Here's what I wore on my mini-spree:

Top: BCBG blouse (similar here)
Jeans: AE super-skinnies (and on sale!)
Jacket: Juicy Couture capelet (OMG I actually found it!)
Shoes: Anthro's Reptilian Oxfords (by Sam Edelman)
Necklace: Free People statement necklace (EDIT: here it is on ModCloth in the pink color, love!)

And now for my scores... I'm pretty excited about all these, and using my new pretty tripod to take lots of pictures of them. :)

Clockwise: Urban Outfitter's Chiffon Wildflower Dress, J. Crew's Rose Corsage cardi, Banana Republic's Silk Rosette Dress, Anthropologie's From Monet skirt (ahhh yes I did), Urban Outfitter's velvet camisole (can't seem to find this anymore online), Forever 21's embellished tee (argh not online either).

There are still two things I plan on getting when my funds reload. We'll see how that goes. Did anyone else score big today?


  1. love both holiday outfits! i think i did pretty good gift wise this holiday.. i picked out most of the stuff though :P

  2. Oooh, great outfit AND great finds! Unfortunately, since I'm stuck in South Dakota due to the bad weather (and 60 minutes from the nearest mall, which considers Herbergers and Maurices as its "trendy" stores, ACK- total small town here!) I didn't get any good after christmas finds in person- but I did snag a pair of the Dior serpent booties off of the Saks sale online for a whopping 70% off, which made me extreeemely happy! Can't wait to get them. *does a happy dance*

  3. Great scores! I wish I had had time to go shopping.

  4. haha I know what you mean. I did the same thing, which is totally fine by me!

  5. thanks woman! The BR dress was totally inspired by you, and when I saw it for $40, I had to get it. Also, can't wait to see the newest additions to your shoe closet-- did you get the Loubs yet?!

  6. thanks! It's been a tradition for me for ages, so it's just assumed that's what I'll be doing on the 26th. When I have kids, that may change. :)

  7. Saks had a great sale, but too bad there was nothing really worth grabbing at the one at the Galleria. Excellent purchases! Northpark really is heaven on Earth.

  8. Those look familiar. I did pretty well after Christmas as well :). Yay for after Christmas shopping in Dallas!