Saturday, December 19, 2009

I caved.

I couldn't stop thinking about the leopard dress... so I broke down and got it. I think the final tally on my Rodarte for Target list will be the leopard dress, floral dress and the belts (black and leopard, natch). I'll be stalking the site at midnight... who's with me? Who's bringin' the popcorn?

This year has not been my year for gift-giving. I've had orders canceled, items out of stock, "sorry, ma'am, we haven't invoiced these yet," etc. Argh. My trip to the mall today was supposed to be for other people, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it ended up being for me. Here's one of my fantabulous scores-- the other will be an OOTD this week coming up. (oh gaaahd I'm in love...)
(What's that, you spy? A floral dress? Hmmm... ;) these look supah-cute with that dress!)

Steve Madden Tristano

I did some try-ons at Anthro and UO, also. For fun, I'll post those pics/reviews here. Just for giggles.

The only Anthro try-on I snapped a pic for is the insanely gorgeous SINE jumper. Oh man oh man, it took all my willpower to not buy this baby on the spot. I'm really hoping for a sale here.

SINE Bow-Bound romper

I already own a SINE romper from the summer and I love love LURVE it. It's being dry cleaned as we speak, getting ready to be winterized with some tights and a sweater. But this baby is just callin' my name. Sale? Please?

I also tried on the Corey Lynn Calter dress I was dying for. Unfortunately, the few reviews on Anthro's site are right-- the rib cage area is insanely small. And it was a little thinner than I expected. Again, if this goes on sale, I'll definitely get it (and size up once or twice to fit my ribs).

When I went into UO, I saw some things I'd been eyein' on the site, so I tried them on.

This Lucca Couture dress was backordered/sold out online but is back in stock! I had it on my wishlist for a long time and just had to see what it was like in person. I really liked it. The color was light, so I didn't feel like it washed me out too much, and the shape was something I tend to gravitate towards. All in all, it was generally TTS and worth the price.

Below is the Ecote Metallic dress that is prettier in person than it was online. Beautiful! And another good shape for my figure. I liked that it had that long waist and the poofed skirt. Another one worth the price, IMO.
I couldn't find this next one online, but I feel like it was at some point. Just a cute skirt, with a nice little flair. The material felt nice and it was super-comfortable. Unfortunately, I don't really need more skirts at this point, so I passed, but it would be a very useful item to own!
Random post, I know. But it was just that kind of day.


  1. Those heels are great! I love them. Glad you finally got the leopard dress.

  2. Those Steve Madden shoes are just incredible. And I especially love those last two dresses! SO cute!!

  3. Stalking the Target site, but no Rodarte yet! I can't wait to get the bow belts. Hmm sleep time and wait for the morning or wait until Target puts it up now?

  4. Okay lady, I've been eyeballing that jumper/jumpsuit for days now. Need to know- what size did you try on? We're fairly similarly shaped, although you're a bit taller than me, and I NEED TO KNOW.

    I've decided to skip Rodarte for Target. I know- I'll regret it at some point, but I can see myself getting muuuch more use out of the jumpsuit. *sighs*

  5. I tried my normal 0-- and it fit. It could have been better in the bust, as you can tell, but nothing a little alterations can't handle. and since I have a long torso and have some height, it was a little short in the torso for me, so it will be perfect for you!

    Wow!! I really wanted to see the leopard on you! hehe... but I think you made a good choice. Which is why I seriosuly limited myself on the two dresses. The leopard will at least be my NYE dress, so that makes it worth it, and the other one is great for work (I have a very casual atmosphere).

  6. I'm a little pissed they still dont have the belts online! Sheeeez! those made me most excited of all!

  7. I know!!! and my local Targets don't have them.

  8. Ooh, I am kind of peversely attracted to that silvery skit! I cannot turn away from shiny objects!

    And also those Steve Madden shoes are awesome. The bottom detail reminds of the Chanel pearl-trim shoes from a season or two ago.