Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This is big! GIVEAWAY big!

NOTE: Thanks for the entries; the giveaway is now closed.

This isn't a normal outfit-of-the-day-type-post, no no no...

(Even though I'm diggin' this boyfriend blazer, yes'siree.)

This is a veritable, true-to-life, no lyin' GIVEAWAY!

Yay! Two items for you, lovies:

First up for keeps is this super crazy cute F 21 necklace with a Parisian flare. It pains me to be giving her away as I spotted this pretty in the store today and grabbed it up. I think it will be in a better home with one of my lovies, anyway. :)

Ohh, but that's not all. I also swooned over this pretty wallet/clutch and also want to give it to you. It has a pretty floral print with a shimmery overlay to add some glam. Again, a tough choice for me, but hey... maybe I'll just get one for myself, too. :)

You can see both sides of the print in the first two photos, and the inside with accordion pleating to keep your goodies. Obvi, both of these items are new and never been worn-- bought today at Forever 21 (except for my modeling them!). Although I couldn't come through on the Rodarte belt (dagnabit), I actually like these two babies better. Believe it or not!!

Here's how to enter:

1. Leave me a comment (or email me) with your name and email address so I can contact you. Unfortunately, those who forget to do so will not be able to win (cuz I won't know how to tell you, derrr).
2. Please do not leave me a message in the CBox, as it might get overlooked.
3. Tell me how you might style these pretties! I'd love to know how you'd incorporate them into your wardrobe.

This giveaway will end on 1/2/2010 (that's Saturday, folks!). Get your entries in by then, please! And one entry per person. Merci.

NOTE: I am not affiliated with F21 and their products; these were not provided by the company. They were provided from the bottom of my heart. Oh yeah, and a shopping trip. :)


  1. I would style the blazer with ultra fem dresses. This dress tiered nude dress i got recently at H and M would look gorg with it!

    The necklace I woule wear with something plaid to break in something girly.Clutch coulld with anything a cute clutch can always be an accesory.

  2. Oh wow, I love the necklace. Droit tres chic? I could see my self wearing it with multiple outfits.

  3. Umm, amazing! I love the necklace! Crossing my fingers :) I would wear the necklace with any and everything, almost! It would look amazing with an LBD, or over a frill-collared white blouse and a cardigan. The clutch seriously goes with everything in my wardrobe!

  4. Yes please on the necklace! Oh and I wouldn't say no to that nifty clutch either!
    I think I would wear them both, together, with a polyester leisure suit.
    You no likey?!?!?!

    Great giveaway and great pics of thyself!

  5. I'm terrible with pairing up somewhat fancy necklaces with things. So I think I'd just wear them with a simple black sweater (or navy!), with skinny jeans and boots, or something along those lines.

    I need fashion help. Here's my e-mail address!

  6. Ohh Justine - that necklace is SCREAMING to me!! LOL. I Love it - what wouldn't I wear it with? I have this little gray slub jacket from Anthro I think it would look awesome with, and I can also see it with a black ruffle tiered F21 dress I love. I also have a cropped blazer from Old Navy I'd wear it with..I could go on and on here.
    Great giveaways - thanks. You look super cute today too!

  7. Yay fun! I love that necklace - I would wear that with my boyfriend fit jeans and deep v American apparel t and studded heels. The necklace would do the talking!
    - MeggyD

  8. Great give a way! I love love love that necklace- I'd probably just keep it simple, like how you styled it. Or perhaps with a pretty white lacey dress? *rubs hands together*

  9. Yay!! What a fun giveaway! I looove that clutch! :) Thank you!

  10. I would def rock both the necklace and clutch with a simple tee, J.Crew cardi (prob a Jackie), and dark wash jeans... Let them stand out on their own rather than compete, but then again, I'm a jeans and tee kinda girl so of course I'd go for that :p

  11. ::grumbles:: per the usual hit submit before I could typle my email - ehayes1183 at gmail dot com

  12. Oh these items are just beautiful. I would wear the necklace with a loose black top with a cardi over it and the clutch I think I would use as an everyday wallet!! Count me in!

  13. Oh the items are beautiful. I would wear the necklace with my skinny jeans and a T. The clutch would be used as a fun item with my dresses.
    tasneemaly at sbcglobal dot net

  14. I need a new wallet, so I'd love to enter to win the wallet. As far as styling it, I think it would look great with some cash and credit cards. :) hehe!


  15. Ahh Justine, I LOVE that boyfriend blazer on you, too too cute! Now I want one, haha!

    That necklace is so unique; golly, there are so many ways to style that sucker! I can see it shining on its own with just jeans and a simple tee, or it could be used to give some pop to one of my many cocktail dresses, especially this nautically inspired one that I found in Italy! Cute!

    That wallet is equally precious with its vintage vibe. Who wouldn't want to have it sprucing up her purse or even to use as a party clutch! So chic!

    Thanks for the give away, that's so much fun! Good luck, everyone!



    I would keep it simple with both, so that when I wore each (probably not together..) they would be the statement piece of my outfit!!

    By the way..I'm loving all your new pictures with your new tripod! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS DARLING!!

  17. oh's my email address...sorry bout that :)

  18. I L.O.V.E. that necklace! I would wear it tucked under the collar of a white button up shirt, as if it was part of the shirt. I would pair that with some black shorts and a longish, textured cardigan thrown over. MMMM!

  19. Wow J! :) I love how you styled it with your outfit! tres chic boyfriend blazer!... what an awesome giveaway! here's hoping I win!

    I would style this gorgeous necklace with a simple white v-neck tee, this awesome black sequin blazer i've been drooling over at h&m, dark blue skinny jeans, and my steve madden black mary jane pumps! and the wallet is too cute to stash in my purse! I'll use it as a clutch, since it has so many compartments!


  20. Entering the necklace giveaway...I LOVES IT.

  21. Love your blog :) And the necklace is super-cute !!!

  22. Enter me in your gieaway. I would wear the necklace with almost any outfit.

  23. Love your giveaways Justine, so cute!! Totally dig the necklace and would style with a million things like plain tees, a pretty Anthro dress, a blazer.....endless opportunities!!
    And the clutch, with cutoff jean shorts, pointy flats, and ruffled JCrew top, waalaaa!!


  24. Both of these are too much cute! I would wear them both with a feminine girly blouse and the cute pencil skirt.

    Yowza6 at gmail dot com

  25. Such pretties! I would let these pieces be the center of attention by pairing them with a pretty tank and belted cardigan with a pencil skirt. (dezinetwin at yahoo dot com)

  26. I love the beautiful necklace! I have a realld pretty navy blue skirt with ivory flowers on it-kind of flowy lol. I would pair it with an ivory top and my little blue blazer. I also love the wallet! That would look so cute with dark blue jeans, some black pumps, and a big pink and blue sweater that I own. Although, there are so many ways that you could use these two, the possibilites are endless!!

  27. The necklace and clutch combo is precious! I would wear it with a simple t-shirt and jeans to show it off.

    thriller39 at hotmail dt com

  28. I would style the necklace with a turtleneck (tissue kind), possible cardigan and then a skirt, tights and heels. The clutch is really hard to not style. It would go with a bunch of things. But I think I would use it with a dress down day: dark jeans, Reva flats, scoopneck tee and thin pink/gold belt. :]

  29. Thank you for this opportunity! These are really great items! I think I would use either of these items to dress up a simple outfit like a plain white or black tee and jeans.



    I would definitely wear the necklace like you did, against white! it really makes it pop. and plus i am only allowed to wear white or black tops to work at my retail job. i usually wear white.

    i would wear the clutch to go out on dates with my boyfriend, or whenever i feel like being ladylike with only a small cute clutch (which is usually the case, i hate lugging around big heavy purses)

  31. What an awesome giveaway. Both would look great dressing up any outfit, but I definitely love the simplistic look of the basic blazer.

  32. The necklace = love. I'm big on big accessories right now with my new Christmas cardis - they are all I've wore for the past week. Everything looks so much more put together with some fun jewelery.

    As for the wallet, I love that it's slim but a few separate slots - better for organizing. I would probably use it for my everyday wallet, because it looks perfect to transfer back and forth from my backpack and purse.

    YEAHS! Love your blog and style!
    Katie - jeffek69(at)uwosh(dot)edu

  33. I think the necklace would be a great way to jazz up a plain white tee with jeans. Then I think that wallet would look great with my gold dress from ATL (same one you have!). I could also just use it for everyday as cute!

  34. I could really rock the necklace with a cute baby t and some skinny jeans and point toe shoes. The clutch is SOOOOOO cute. I hope I win!

  35. Great giveaway! The necklace is so cute and lately I am in love with anything that reminds me of Paris! I have a light pink high waisted skirt that I usually just pair with a basic top but I think this necklace would add a great amount of fun to the look!

    The wallet is also adorable and would definitely use it as a clutch when going out to dinner!

    Thanks so much for doing the giveaway!

  36. maria
    nice blog =]

  37. ahh I am like 40 minutes too last but WOW that necklace is amazing!!

  38. Distinctly DesireeJanuary 4, 2010 at 11:09 AM

    I looove this necklace. It looks Chanel inspired to me. And if you can't have Chanel, shoot for Chanel inspired!