Friday, December 18, 2009

A few very, very important things:

1. For any Dallas readers, the Irving Target (N. MacArthur) will NOT have Rodarte out until Sunday. Never fear, though-- the Medallion Center is already released. And I'm going promptly after work; photos will be up this evening of my reviews. (oh how I love the big city.)

2. I bought three, count 'em, THREE cardigans from NY & Co yesterday for a whopping $40. Yes... I'm kinda excited. Go check it out!!!
In a pretty sherbet orange color... yum

3. I want to thank all my followers and readers. It's been so much fun starting this blog, and I hope to continue to make it bigger and better as the months roll on. I am so inspired by my fashionable readers and the people who comment on my posts. It makes me feel pretty nice to know you respect my opinions! For this, I will be doing my first ever GIVEAWAY! Although I'm not yet sure what the prize will be, I'm pretty sure it will be a little item from a certain Target GoLine... hehe. I'll be releasing this giveaway in the coming week, so please stay tuned.

4. Simply.... Yay, or Nay? (this dress has been staring my in the face for about 1 week now, and I'm having a hard time telling myself no. What do I do?!)

KAS Harvey Embellished Shift Dress


  1. I am dying to see your Target pics - I have no clue if my store will even be carrying the line - but I'm dying to find out!

  2. The dress is so pretty. I saw those cardis in NY&Co. They're very pretty, incl that peach color. In the store they had them over plaid shirts. So cute.

  3. Yay yay yay for the dress. YAY.