Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Although I've been a spazz about this before, I guess there's no harm in having a little fun and passing it along, no? :)

1. My television is always blaring HGTV. Even right now. I'm a little addicted. (shout out to Color Splash! Love you David, you're my gay boyfriend k thanks.)

2. I'm six years younger than my husband (ohhh jail-bait).

3. I love fashion, but I hate makeup and undergarments (no worries-- I wear both daily). I never spend good money on either, even though they are some of the most important things to spend money on.

4. I know Tim Gunn. Oh wait, you knew that?! heh.

5. I grew up with cats and would love a pet, but the hubs is allergic. I ask him when we can get a pet every day. My mom owns a talking bird. Not my idea of a pet, but whatever.

6. I don't like ice cream. You know, I think I admitted this waaaay back in this blog's inception. But some of you may not have read that, so this counts as something you didn't know, right? Right.

7. I've lived in several different states and went to a total of nine different schools between Kindergarten and 12th grade. Whew!

Here are my nominations for those bloggers who want to participate.
1: Fashionista Diaries
2: Natalie at Fashion, Food and Other Assorted Frivolity
3. The lovely ladies at Shopping the Closet
4. Veronika's Blushing
5. Adored Austin
6. Kansas Couture
7. Last, but certainly not least: Gigi!

Thank you, Jen, for the nomination!


  1. Tim Gunn!! Do tell jail-bait!!

  2. haha! My dad used to work for Liz Claiborne and worked real closely with Tim Gunn. He told him about my blog, and then Tim commented on the post I linked to. I was ecstatic! Who knows if he still reads, but apparently he told my dad he did! Neato.

  3. Wow - thanks Justine for the shout out!!!
    Of course we will participate!

  4. I'm five years younger than my husband. It's okay, I just make sure to remind him oh, *all the time* how much of an old geezer he is. :)

    How can you NOT like ice cream? I'd live on it, if I could. *burps*

  5. thanks so much for the shout out! I'll def. participate when I get a chance later :)

    my tv's always blaring HGTV too!! And slightly funny story, boy ended up watching his first ever color splash episode this weekend while we were visiting my mom (who I totally get the hgtv problem from) and this episode where David puts a huge target on the wall of these people's office comes on. Boy ends his first color splash experience with a look of horror, and turns and asks me to promise to never do that to our future home....

  6. haha, that's awesome. Poor hubs leaves the room when he sees HGTV. Although, he's been known to watch some "Holmes on Homes."
    Which I hate, actually. Whatevs. :)

  7. this is so cute, thanks for tagging me! going to blog it now :) xoxo!