Monday, December 28, 2009

Newest obsession: Bellbottoms

Although this is not a new style, nor is it a new desire of mine, it's recently hit me that I really want to try it. For real. Not just in theory anymore. Of course, I had some stints with the bad boy bellbottoms in the past, but this time, I want to make it streamlined and chic. Here will be my rules (I know, ack, rules, but with a new trend, it's necessary to set some initial boundaries, yes?) :

1. Wear with simple, elegant top. Maybe even something neutral at first, something flowing yet structured. Ohh, like this.

2. Wear with heels, preferably platforms.

3. Find a simple, non-distressed, non-whiskered pair.

Here is the pair I have on my mind:

Of course, this is a huge departure from my mostly-skinny denim wardrobe. But maybe that's a change I need. And for sure a nice, new challenge. I like those.

**P.S.: I added a CBox chatter at the sidebar... over there... yep. Don't know if this will be thumbs up or thumbs down, but leave me a message! Lots of 'em! :)


  1. I LOVE my JBrand Lovestory jeans. They are so figure flattering :)

  2. I say yes! I think bellbottoms are one of the most flattering cuts of jeans. I even love them in a shorter length with flat sandals or flat boots. So fresh and cute.

  3. i'm not too sure about bellbottoms, at least for myself. I have a pear shaped figure, and think it will be to bottom-heavy... I stick to straight and skinny styles. I can't wait to see how you would incorporate these into your waredrobe! :)

  4. wow those jeans look like they would fit amazingly! thanks for posting these :) I too love the wide bottom look. It can be very flattering.