Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Style Snag of the day

I saw these on GoJane and gaaaaaaasssp! Snag, snaggity snag snaggerific.

I have been such a sucka for platforms lately. Anyone else with me? I feel like I need to bring back some of my edge that I have relinquished a little this Fall. Last fall/winter, I was totally into the whole studded, "L.A." look, and these shooties will be a nice return. Tucked into jeans? Yes. With a floral frock? Yes. With patterned tights? Yeppers.

Score! :)


  1. Total score!
    Those are hot!

  2. Thanks! I hope they're at least comfortable enough to walk around for an hour. I think that's my test... 1 hour is all I need for a successful shoe purchase. haha