Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sneaky spy...

I don't think there is anything else in the world that makes my stomach jump as much as scoring a hard-to-get piece. It's the thrill of the chase and the glory of the conquer.

What's this, I spy, on my Christmas tree?

An outfit to come... eeeepppp!!

(unfortunately, there was ONE LEFT in the store. But I continue my search to give one away. Trust me, I'm good at stalking fashion items.)


  1. Ha! Nice. :)

    I too love a good stalking. In fact, my biggest problem is that I can't turn it off. I just ordered a Nanette Lepore dress tonight off of Ebay that I wanted *forever* from early fall 2009 and OMG *there it was in my size, brand new with tags* AND the seller was running a 15% off sale.

    So when I proudly shrieked to Husband, "I FOUND A NANETTE LEPORE DRESS I HAD WANTED FOOOREVER AND I BOUGHT IT!" he didn't seem NEARLY as enthused OR happy for me. No, not at all.

    Doesn't matter that I have a closet full of 2w349832974 dresses I already don't wear, as he then astutely pointed out. I didn't have THIS dress in my closet. THIS. DRESS.


    *falls over*

    (While I'm rambling, I totally get it from my mom, who is a bargain shopper and gets that exact same sense of victory over buying 100 cans of $.10 beans from the Dent & Damage store here in town. So really, Husband should count his lucky stars- I could be buying really horrible, out-of-date cans of beans instead of pretty dresses. HE NEEDS TO BE MORE THANKFUL.)

  2. I love it! Happy Holidays!

  3. Jealous! I'm having my friends who are off visiting relatives in relatively rural areas stalk out Targets for me. I can't believe how endlessly frustrating the hunt has been for me!