Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fun Finds...

Hey lovies! My day is still very busy. Boo. But, I have a find. Yay!
I tend to scour Etsy because I'm convinced I'll find some pieces I can have and hold forever and forever... and it's pretty true! My wedding jewelry was made by a wonderful shop-owner (thanks, PenelliBelle! Love my stuff...), and I have the most adorable skirt ever from Babooshka Boutique (I'll model it before the summer's end). Here is a new store that I think is so romantic and flirty... some items that would be great staple pieces: Zelaya.

Here are some images of the items I plan on snapping up:

Ohhhh, ahhh, pretty. I love the wrap featured above. The cascading flowers? The color choices she offers? The fact that its a jersey wrap? Yes to all, please. And her prices are affordable. Which makes life on a budget just a liiiiittttle bit easier.

And on another note: I closet-dove the other night. Have you ever gone closet-diving? It's when you remember that you, at some point in your life, owned an item you loved and haven't seen it in ages. This happens to me. A lot. Because:

A) I'm not very organized with my clothes.

B) I'm not at all organized with my clothes.

C) I have too many things to remember what I have. Which sounds great, but admitedly, most of the stuff is crap. I need to stop buying crap.

Well, lovies, on my closet dive, I found this several-season-old Charlotte Russe military-style cotton jacket that is (fortuitously) back in style this season! Yay! When it gets just a tad bit cooler, I'll model that one, too. I can't wait... it's like a new item! But without the wallet-dent! :)


  1. Hi Justine,

    Your Dad introduced me to your site and I am now rapt! Congratulations! I believe that your background in psychology is responsible for your astute and insightful observations and assessments about all things fashion! I'm going to be a regular here!

  2. Wow, thanks, Tim! I'll do my best to keep you (and all other fans) rapt in my musings. :)

  3. I have the pinkish flower (gardenia) shirt! Man, you and I think alike on SO many things- it seems like I'm constantly clicking on your blog and seeing things I have or want, hee hee hee. Anyway, I love Zelaya- the shirt is soft and stretchy and nice. The only downfall is many of the tops are custom made to order, so it takes about 4 to 6 weeks to get them.

  4. Chloe?

    (looking down at feet, twirling hair) Ummm... will you be my online-shopping bestie? :)

  5. *waves to Tim* Can't help it. We just watched PR All_Stars.

    Military style + cotton sounds really cute. I closet dive from time to time. My closet is organized, but very small so things disappear. Good reminder.

  6. I LOVE the pink top. Great picks!

  7. Thanks for all the sweet compliments, lovies! Seriously, Gigiofca, do some closet-diving. You'll be surprised at what you find. I just found an old Tiffany's ring I forgot I had! Score! :)

  8. wow are those shirts every adorable! your blog is tempting me!