Friday, March 19, 2010

Budget Buster vs. Stylish Substitute

And now it's time for an installment of the very few and far between post called "Budget Buster vs. Stylish Substitute." Found this, had to let ya'll know:

Nordstrom BP Lush Rosette Ruffle Tank, $28

Look familiar? Yep, a rip-off of J.Crew's Ruffles and Roses tank from this Fall.  I love mine to pieces (see here), but it's now sold out online. The BP knock-off isn't as frilly and nicely embellished as the J.Crew version, but for anyone who wished they got it or just like the looks of this one here, it's a steal at $28. And in 3 colors (teal, grey and black). The only thing I don't really dig is the slubby material, which in my honest opinion, may need to go away soon (sez the girl who just wore burnout in a recent outfit, oy).


  1. I know I said I was over ruffles and going to avoid buying more a few wks ago... but for $28 I think I might swing by Nordies on my way home and check this out in person (amongst other items I've been scoping).

    I love the Teal, I really need more color in a neutral blahh wardrobe

  2. I love slub cotton! So soft! Why do you not like it :-(?

  3. I think its soft somtimes, but from my experience with Nordies BP, the slub
    is a lower quality. Plus its pretty casual, and I have a hard time pairing
    it with my stuff (since, umm, I'm not very casual heh). I don't think it's
    heinous or anything! Just not really for me :-P

  4. Whoa. Holy great catch, Justine!