Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OOTD: Getting to the root of the problem.

First off, I am so super-happy that many of you liked yesterday's post. Thank you to who commented and read... I am really glad I shared that with ya'll, not just for your sake but for mine. It's always refreshing to be 100% honest and I think we all appreciate it. Money is tough to talk about for a lot of people-- it can cause anger, embarrassment, fear or excitement-- so I'm thrilled I'm surrounded by readers who can look at it honestly and appreciate my honesty!!

But on another, very serious (coughcough) note, I have two pressing topics.

1. I love this skirt (which is similar to this one here). I bought it way back before the weather was this nice to wear it and I stashed it in my closet behind other stuff so I wouldn't bring it out too early. I did it not only because of the weather but in anticipation of needing something new and fun in my wardrobe. 11 days until I shop again, and it's time for that little somethin'-somethin' to curb the shopping hunger. This did the trick!! And I can't wait to wear it, like a milliontrillion ways. (Stay tuned, I'll style it as a top when summertime arrives!!)

2. There has been a serious tragedy as of late, and I alluded to it a few days ago-- my roots. They're atrocious. I took a buncha photos with this outfit, and ya know what? Couldn't use half of 'em. My roots were so friggin' heinous that I couldn't bare to post the pics. Lord... here's the sitch: if I get them done, which is always costly for full highlights, I'm tapping into my shopping budget. Yep. Hair+clothes come out of that same small budget. Sigh. But to be honest, I can't wait anymore. I think I might try Aveda Institute one more time since it worked ok last time. It's just that it takes sooooo looooong because my hair is huge and the poor students have no idea what to do with it. Dilemmas, dilemmas...

On to the pics!
 Skirt: F21 striped mini
Top 1: Young Fabulous and Broke ruffle top
Top 2: Matty M via Nordstrom
Sweater: Velvet long cardigan
Belt: Anthro's Tea Rose belt
Shoes 1: Liliana bow pumps
Shoes 2: Liliana Bardor pumps (
(p.s.: sorry for not posting links lately. Lemme know if you want "similar" links!)

And one more thing......

Hey, Justine? How do you feel about SPRING being here???


  1. ohhh I like both ways you styled it! And really love the red top :)

    and 11 days?!... you got this!

  2. so cute!!!!! i love both ways too, the red is fun, and that belt!! so cute.

    stick to the budget!! you can do it!! i know it's hard, but you'll be happier in the long run, and have guilt-free shopping later on!!

  3. The end is in sight. You can do it!

    Love that skirt. It's way cute. I really like how you styled it in the first three photos. It looks like it would be super cute without the cardigan too. Just the top and belt. LOVE IT!

  4. i think you look gorgeous no matter how much roots you have! i am getting my hair colored this weekend so I know what it feels like (though my roots are less noticeable but still!)

    love this outfit too!

  5. That last picture totally made me giggle. Loves.

    And that skirt is fab on you! Only a few more shopless days!!!

  6. OMG you are hilarious! Love the 'opinion' about spring - thumbs up! YES!

    I'm LOOOVING that striped skirt, great find! Damn! I want one!
    We share the same Liliana shoes... are yours black? :)

    PS - I've BAG TAGGED you! Hope you're up to the challenge! ;)

  7. Great skirt!

    Funny about the student hair dressers! I have been in that many times. I have thick-ish, hard to dry, coarse hair - very overwhelming for a student!

  8. amber's notebookMarch 25, 2010 at 1:19 PM

    CUTE!! I have that same skirt (GREAT DEAL for $6.50 right??) but I have not busted it out yet. I love the way you styled it! SO cute! those heels rock as well.

  9. love love love these outfits! both look so good!