Monday, March 15, 2010

Shopping for Vegas right.

I have about 6 weeks until I go to Vegas (lordy, can you tell I'm excited?) and I've been planning outfits since I found out we were going. I mean, this is a big deal, lovies:

1. I've never been.
2. It's the perfect excuse to dress up 24/7.
3. I never get to dress up 24/7.
4. I will actually have a reason to have short skirts and pretty dresses (because I usually don't. My life is generally low-key despite my wardrobe's insistence that I be a well-dressed socialite).
5. It's my way of staying sane for the next 4 weeks.

I've done a lot of reading-up and heard from lots of other bloggers/readers about the best way to travel to Vegas. Sounds like there are a few things I must keep in mind--

1. It gets cold at night (especially when I'll be there), so a sweater or jacket is necessary.
2. One walks a lot. Comfort must be kept in mind with fashion.
3. Style needs can transition rather quickly (i.e. from gambling at the Flamingo to a nice dinner or club), so be prepared.

(Sorry about the lists. I like lists.)

Based on these considerations, here's my shopping list!

1. A very versatile light jacket. Becuase my style teeters the line between girly and edgy, the staple pieces I buy always have to have the right combo of being feminine and rocker-ey. I have to be able to wear a staple jacket with jeans and a tee, or a hot pink babydoll dress, or studs, denim and leather. Nothing too frilly or cutesy, but definitely still light and pretty. Here are my ideas:

Anthropologie, $128

Anthropologie, $88

Shopbop (C&C California), $110
Macy's INC, $89
(p.s., the INC jacket is the forerunner right now!)

2. A nude shoe to go with most outfits. The rules above apply here: can be casual-ed down or dressed up but keeping the edgy/pretty feel. I posted on shoe ideas here already, but I've found a few more I like.

Shopbop (LAMB), $325

Macy's INC, $89

3. A cardigan. OK... so this is pathetic, but I don't really have a simple cardigan that can be worn many ways. I have my colorblock cardigan but it's wool. I have some other ones but they're cropped. I have flowy ones but they're too long for a short dress. I need a simple, v-neck, cotton, button down cardi. Preferably in beige.

Both LOFT, $49.50

What I'm already taking:
1. Versatile dresses (like the one here) that can go between day and night.
2. Short skirts for going out (like here and here!).
3. Flats/sandals.
4. Jeans and pretty tops (duh!).

Any other suggestions, my well-traveled friends? Ideas are always welcome. :)


  1. I like the Macy's INC jaceket, but as the owner of the Anthro Immutable Jacket (in navy), I have to say it's a strong contender. Maybe get two? :-)

  2. I agree with Ginger...I love them both. And...those LAMB sandals are LOVELY. My other suggestions are:

    1) Multi-use belt that can be worn with dresses, jeans, tops..
    2) Cross body bag (helpful if it can be turned into a clutch)...I love a crossbody bag for walkin' around

    3) Big statement jewelry (so helpful for moving day looks into night)

    4) Pashmina/scarf...some casinos/restaurants are REALLY chilly

    5) Fun makeup. 'Nuff said.

    I'm excited FOR you!!!

  3. FUN!!! Don't forget a swimsuit in case you get awesome daytime weather for poolside rehab =)

  4. My only tip? Pack a comfy pair of flip flops that you can throw into your purse. I cannot tell you how many girls I saw wobbling on the (ick! dirty!) streets of Vegas after 2am with their hurty heels in their hands....completely barefoot. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

    I like even the cheap Old Navy ones. Something slim that'll tuck into your purse, and voila.


  5. I love the Macy's jacket. I tried on the second Anthropologie jacket and I felt like it run kind of big. I think the Macy's jaclet is more versatile. And I agree with Coley's suggestion about the statement jewelry, bring a couple of pieces that can easily be worn with a casual look and with more fancy dresses for dinner time.
    Have a fabulous time.

  6. I agree with Chloe, that's exactly what I did last time. I had a little black pair of Old Navy flips that I tucked in my purse for when I needed them late at night. But then again, I wore flips with a lot of stuff and still felt dressed up.

    I love the INC jacket. LOVE. Get it.

  7. Hey just wanted to day that The Macy's INC jacket is on super sale right now! I just got the black one on Sunday for $17.00!!!!!! Have fun packing for your trip!!!!!

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