Thursday, March 25, 2010

OOTD: Real vs. Fantasy.

I feel like I can be rather misleading here on Fetching Fashions. That is, with my outfit posts. Some of them I really did wear that day! (like here) while others are more of what I would wear if dress code and appropriateness weren't a thought (umm like here). I used to only post pics of what I was actually wearing back when I didn't have a tripod and took my photos in the bathroom at work. But you could never really see the outfit and the pics were super-bad, so the tripod came along. But all that made me wanna do is play dress up. Which is all well and fine! And it's not that I wouldn't/don't wear these dress-up outfits. It's more that they're what I wish I could wear whenever I please... like fantasy outfits! (hmm... that sounds a little rated-R. Not meant to be, p.s.)  So today, I'll post two outfits: what I really wore, and then what I wanted to put on and prance around town in. I might start making this a feature to get the best of both worlds-- you can see how I dress on a hum-drum weekday aaaand my fun inspirational outfits. Yay!!

Oh. and I'll try to keep at least one element from the reality outfit to transition to the fantasy outfit. Kinda like an "inspired by" thing.


Top: F21 ruffle top
sweater: F21 bow cardigan
Jeans: Hudson triangle pocket bootcuts
Shoes: Liliana bow pumps


 Top: F21 ruffle top
Jacket: F21 Articulate Jacket
Skirt: Rebecca Taylor Cheetah skirt
Shoes: Michael Kors cage sandals
Necklace: Free People

p.s.: hair appointment made for April 11th. so far away....


  1. Hahahaha, oh man do I hear ya. I would wear so many crazy things, if only my lifestyle was a bit more fitting. I do wear a lot of crazy things in real life (and tend to hear, "Oh, *look at you*!" a lot from people, which I'm not sure is good or bad, ha!), but for the sake of the blog, I feel like I'm constantly wobbling between "What I'm Wearing" to "What I'd Freaking Love to Freaking Wear". Which is why I started by Chloe's Capacious Closet section.

    I love your F21 top- did you get it recently? That turquoise is stunninig on you! And, of course, I will always take a little bit of Rebecca Taylor, mmhm.

  2. Yeah, I like your new feature. It's a great idea and I guess I'm kinda stealing it. lol... and no the top is not new; I got it prolly 3 months ago. But I think it might still be in store... I wear it all the freekin' time because it goes with just about everything!

  3. I love it. All of it. And I also love playing dress up...oh the outfits I'd wear...

  4. amber's notebookMarch 25, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    Cute! I love the way you styled the second way. How come you couldn't pair it with tights and maybe a longer skirt to make it more work appropriate? I think it's amazing! Or at least wear the same jacket with the necklace?

  5. Yea, I coulda worn that jacket definitely! And I have, hehe... but the skirt
    is super tight. I work in the mental health field and sometimes see clients,
    so something that tight may still be a little inappropriate even with
    tights. My job title is really weird-- I'm secretary one day and a test
    adminstrator the next... so it's always hard to pick the right outfit! soon
    this will all be gone and I will be a student and can wear whatever I want,
    yay! lol :)

  6. amber's notebookMarch 25, 2010 at 2:05 PM

    lol Yay for that for sure! That top is awesome btw!

  7. i love this idea for a feature! and for the record i see no reason why you couldn't have worn the dress-up outfit :) so cute. i love your sense of style!

  8. Love love the skirt! It's so cute on you and totally rock the look!

  9. I love the Fantasy outfit. In fact, this might be my new favorite. Great mix of colors and patterns. You should go on a date night tonight.