Saturday, March 27, 2010

OOTD: Harem calling my name?

Jury is still out on the pants I featured in this post. Today is the first day I'm actually wearing them out (nothing like some patio drinkin on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon). I think I like the outfit, but husband gave me the weirdo-eyes when I came out of my closet in this outfit. Now, I don't normally take cues from Mr. Unstylish, but you always have to wonder if his opinion will be the same of others... do I look like an idiot? Here's the problem, I think-- they sit too low on the waist. They're just a tad too big right now... I think I'll go to my local tailor and have them sit higher so as to make them a little less strange. Oh, and another problem? I can't sit in them for more than 10 minutes without wrinkles being out the waazooo.

Nonetheless, I can't seem to give them up. I still gravitate towards them. I still..... well, I still like them. They're fun and risky and comfortable, and I just want them to work so badly. Therefore, I'll make them work. Damnit.

Pants: Lulu's At Ease Trousers
Top: F21 paisely ruffle tank
Sweater: J.Crew ruffles and roses cardi
Shoes: Charles by Charles David wedges (on Bluefly!)
Necklace: F21 pearl drop necklace


  1. Hmmm. I love the idea; but they do look a little too big!!! I think once they're tailored it will be fabulous

  2. They are a tad bit too big but I love the concept and they look great on you! I love that you rolled them up...nice touch!

  3. you just may be one of the only people I know who can pull these off :)

  4. I def like the thicker waist band overall shape makes it more doable. Kudos for trying a fashion risk. I just wouldn't see myself trying it so tough to style and pull off.

  5. I could never wear those, but I see why you like them. I like the wide waistband and the buttons. I hope the tailoring helps. I love that J. Crew cardigan.